Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Thanksgiving Surprise--from Clive!

Our pal across the pond, Clive, the Furry Dweller in the Fabled Land 'O Guinness, sent us this cool Thanksgiving award that he had just received from Petey! It's entitled, You're a Blessing, and we're incredibly honored! Thank you so much, Clive (and his awesome human sidekick, the Not-So-Little-Man!).

Now, part of the deal is that we've gotta follow the rules. Thus, we read from the First Book of Armaments, Chapter One, Verse Nine:

"This award is to be bestowed upon five individuals with the hopes that they will cut and paste the badge above for their blogs, then honor five more and so on and so on... "

Bailey LOVES rules. Especially when she gets to enforce them! Thus, we must follow them or risk getting our ears nipped.

Now we must search our little brainstems to identify five (not four, not six) blogbuddies for whose blogs we are especially thankful. Dang! We're thankful for the whole blessed DWB Community! But the number of the Count shall be Five! Neither shall it be three nor seven...

Okay, this is hard, but we're thankful nevertheless, and Bailey is slowly removing our ears, so here it goes:

Lucia, my most Bella Aireeegurl! She has a Mediterranean sense of humor and brown eyes to die for! Sigh...

Noah and his gurleez, Diggers extraordinaire, down in the Land of Oz where Summer now reigns!

Stanley and his trusty Goobette (whose human servant has recently returned from the Bogart World Tour) in the People's Republic of Gooberstan.

Those diminutive 'Splorin' Wolfies of our favorite maritime province who make us wish we had long legs and a bit of Bay of Fundy shoreline to explore!

Et nos chers amis suisses, Faya l'excavatrice et Dyos le Taciturne, au Cirque des Alpes.

Hey, there's left-over turkey, stuffing, and brandied cranberries waiting, so we've gotta go. One of life's greater tragedies would occur if those humans got it first. So HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our blogbuddies!

Lots of wet kisses,





Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khongrats on your pawesome award!

Woo surely are all that AND MORE!


Noah the Airedale said...

Awwwww thanks Maties, you guys are just beaut. Congrats to you too on a well deserved award.
Hey Buster matie, the temporary fencing has gone back up so I'm been busy with the hole again. Progress is slow as D keeps telling me to get out of it....sigh


Faya said...

Oh ! Ici nous chantons le yodle pour célébrer cette récompense ! Et nous lançons les drapeaux également ! Merci mes amis !
Faya & Dyos

Sue said...

Love that tongue!!!

Clive said...

You shared the award around really well, thanks guys!

We're putting up our Christmas pudding recipe (with Guinness)on our cooking blog now!

love and woofs