Friday, June 25, 2010

A Brief Note from Bailey & Buster

We're here:

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Friday, June 11, 2010

My Critters: a continuing saga--by theBUSTER

For My Luciahhhhhh......

I've gathered all MY buddies around
to show my friend Luciahhhh..
in case she doesn't have these things where she is!

Here is my Snow Goose <-- he flew up
to a BAY in Canada after the photo shoot.

These are a few of the little yellow finches
that come to visit us everyday -- all day and eat...and eat....
and eat some more..
they are the piggeez of the finch

Oh, and mr. ya see him...swimming
along? He's so long he's in segments..silly

Check out the little goosey goslings.. they're
trying to copy their mom.. cute little puffs.

O.K. I have this picture up over my bed --
so I can count
bunnies as I go to sleep...
mmmmmgood little bunnies.
one little • two little • three? where's three?
I do like bunnies.

must catch the squirrel...I've got
to learn to climb trees.. I need sharper claws.

I like this guy who is two...he's BLUE
so he and his reflection can stay on the lake.

OK who's bright idea was it to import these little buggerz??
Chipmunks make me crazy....but they make Ms.Blue
even crazier.. she waits for this opportunity. She
stalks the chippymunk and

catches it..
mmmmmma chipmunk sandwich.

Another visitor to our bird restaurant is this
he brings all his little buddies to -- they are
a hungry lot.

oOPs catch them if you can.. these are my little
Merganzer Chicks...
kind of like a rock group..
flitting here and there...
they are allllll over the place.
Check them out!

So Luciahhhhhh ,
I hope you like all my little

I found #3 bunny!

He is my (very best) wabbit !


and Ms.Blue & Ms. Persephone

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to Eat an Elephant--by Buster

I. Find an elephant.

II. Turn gently; examine; cultivate an appetite.

III. Savor the ears.

IV. Apply jaws of death to entire circumference of pachyderm.

V. Chew on head.

VI. Stretch; take a break; cleanse palate with sorbet.

VII. Meditate upon meal; achieve Zen-like state of Elephant-Mindfulness.

VIII. Evaluate the experience and its tangible results; award trois étoiles to restaurant!

IX. Retire to drawing room for rolled Havanas; allow Bailey to steal show.

Votre rapporteur fidèles,