Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bubbles versus Wilson: Guess who wins?

Buster here, with a brief observation on the limits of human learning.

I got a mammoth, mutant bubble-wand in my Easter basket. Not bad-- but, contrary to all common sense, the humans seem to think that when it's a choice between Bubbles and Wilson, I might even CONSIDER doing something different!

Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!! Kerry Blues are creatures of great consistency.

So here's a poor, misguided human, tormenting me with silly purple bubbles...

The result?


Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Your faithful correspondent,


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gurlzz Gone Wild: Spring Edition

Sephie here, with a quick report on the influence of
five consecutive days of fair weather upon our
little terrier brainstems...

Bailey gets moody and contemplative,
so it's time for...


Chiens Lunatiques!

Who knows what Evil lurks in the minds
and hearts of Kerry Blue Terrors?

And Bozo the Wonder Dawg
gets a brand-new

Maybe we'll get to use it!

No Crazy-Dog day is complete
without the evening Ear-Lick ritual!

Life is good.



Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Arrives with Great Panoply: In which Buster and the girls greet the Month of April with heartfelt anticipation and the trampling of new grass

It's HERE!!!

Pleistocene New England has surrendered
to Goddess Persephone, harbinger of

My Daffies are back.

Bailey, a.k.a. Artemis the Supreme Goddess of the Hunt, stalks the land in search of the Ignominious Scourge of Civilization, the dreaded CHIPMUNK!

Ah...tourjours les petits fleurs!

And the right-proper Goddess of Spring herself makes an appearance! It's a wonder Miss Persephone can actually see anything!

The croci have all popped and are in bloom...

Sephie gets lost in deep thoughts. She says she spends her imaginative life reciting the works of Proust backwards...

Mom's little "hens and chickens" are getting some spring color.

Et Monsieur Bozo arrive!

Ah, yes...Spring is not Spring without...


To which, Miss Bailey responds,

"How insufferably tedious! Doesn't he ever TIRE of doing the same thing over and over?"

Sephie accompanies the crazed flyfisherman to the Salmon River. Everybody can fish here, as long as it's with technology that was invented during the sixteenth century.

Does dyslexia count as a "handicap?"

Bozo awaits the inevitable...

STEAK on the grill! The path to a male Kerry Blue's heart lies straight through the duodenum!

Yawn...that was quite adequate!

The whole Connecticut Valley is abloom with pretty things...

This is the University where the mad flyfishing humanoid works.

And no spring day would be complete without...

One last round of BusterBall!

Sephie and Bailey have long ago retired inside.

Bozo finally comes in to share a movie with his human mom and sister...

And peace falls upon the land.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear Alvin:

Sorry. Nothing personal.

Best regards,


------------------------> fake fake fake <----------------------
No actual chipmunks were harmed in the filming

of this production. Had there actually been real

chipmunks involved, they would have been slowly

eviscerated, tortured
(no not tortured...), and chewed (yeh, but probably chewed etc etc)to a bloody pulp.

geesh buster... you just can't put this stuff on the blog... our humomm will not be happy...and you don't want to cross the humomm!!!
ms. persephone & Ms. blue too

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to the "Twins" ------>

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to..........theBUSTER & Ms. Persephone....
Catch me if you can!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Signs of Spring...

Buster, the sun-soaked, spring-besotted Wonderdawg back with a quick accounting of the coming of warm weather to subarctic Connecticut!

It was warm and breezy today (I hear the 'dales in the U.K. are enduring a late-season snowstorm!), and tomorrow, it's expected to reach 22 degrees celsius.

This is much to my liking!

Buster-Dawgs get a little crazy when spring sets in...

The blood starts flowing, excitement mounts, and my little brain succumbs to a rush of hormones.

Our garden dragon starts eating the daffodils...

And Persephone starts grazing on the bamboo!

My precious Wilson-Balls reappear from under the leaves and melted snow...

The Celtic Mother-Goddess is in her Heaven and all's well with the world.

If you've got your Wilsons, you've got everything!

I think naptime is better in the spring--don't you?

Gotta sleep now,


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Signs of Spring...

It's SPRINGtime!
I do like Spring...
It just makes me springEEE & I, theBUSTER, love to
sniff the fine smells of spring. Snufffffffffffff----------------->

My little crocus , that me humomm and I planted last fall, are popping up all over the yard.

I'm very serious about enjoying SPRING...did I say that it's my favorite time of year? .....other then the snow time --- and the swimming time --- and well, maybe, I should say it's ONE of my
very favorite times of the year.
I found a purple crocus to show you!
It's Ms. Persephone's favorite color...sort of a periwinkle color -- like her blanket w/the green stars.

Hey -- my garden is color co-ordinated w/ Sephie's bedroom!
Do you know the story of Ms. Persephone? She comes back from the underworld, aka Hades, in the Springtime.. she's a goddess. We were born on April 13th so the humomm thought it would be appropriate (what's w/these big words anyhow?)
to name her-- that would be my sister--Persephone!

O.K. I'm out on the deck -- just relaxing and enjoying the sun on my back, contemplating.
It's a Zen kinda thing... notice the placement of the paws....very much in line with the angle of the ears (very sharp hearing in those ears).

Contemplating is a good past time.
I enjoy contemplating...
anyhow to get back to what I'm contemplating!
I've been thinking about these little furry "things".... like the picture below....these little "buds"... not to be confused with my "buddy" so and so..
but "buds" that hang on trees and plants...they are doing all sorts of stuff inside those little "jackets" they wear... I just can't wait to see what's gonna pop out of that bud. The humomm sez it's a MAGnolia.. sort of like maggie's name....
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm still contemplating.............................................

Sniff Sniff....hmmmmmmmmmmmm andromeda....eeensey weeeensey bells... with a great big
smell. Aren't they cute little bells?
I think I'll just sit here and snifffffff some more. My nose will never be the same. Spring time is cool.

Hi... I'm theBUSTER'S avatar...he's outside enjoying the sniffs of spring and the sunshine and contemplating and I'm in here writing, for him, on his blog.

He really wanted me to tell you that he's so very happy it's SPRINGtime
that the sun is out and very nice
when he's done contemplating he'll be back to read the blog.
he needs some "down" time to enjoy his flower gardens...
pseudo Buster here -- signing off for now.
theBUSTER will return sooooon I'm sure. He just
can not stay away from his Blog Buddies for very long.
So go out and contemplate for a little while and enjoy the day.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our "Second Dog-Life" Avatars

We Kerry Blue Terriers are tormented with a vivid inner-life. It's an Irish thing... So during the dark days of winter, we began playing "Second Dog-Life," and we created our own avatars. That way, we could let them do all the work while we lounged around, dreaming of the spring chipmunk-chase! Thus, we present for your consideration our virtual doppelgangers:




We wonder: do other dogs have active imaginations? Are there "airevatars" or "Foxterrvatars" in the virtual world?

Your faithful correspondents,

Persphone, Buster, & Bailey