Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Critters! by Buster

Buster here, reporting from Critter-Central, with news of more new friends who have the good fortune NOT to be primates!


 My very favorite, of course, is Ms. Mallard--who has constructed her nest among the daffodils, precisely two feet from the most trafficked sidewalk in the region!  The little ones are expected within a day or two.

This should be exciting when pedestrians find themselves assaulted by small, yellow quacking fuzz-balls.

Then there's the Crazed Goose Family.

Aggressive, noisy, ostentatious!

They chase each other around with seemingly murderous intent and much display.


The reason?

You guessed it.

They mate for life and defend their awkward, diminutive wee ones with every weapon in the arsenal.

Mr. and Ms. Barn Swallow are hard to capture--they will not stay still.  Most of the time, they're doing aerobatics and swooping down on hatching mayflies.

Then there's Yertle.  Quite proud of his paint-job.  And about as fast as a three-toed slot in deep REM sleep.

Finally, this morning, I found a new friend skulking about in my front yard...


Bailey tells me that my eyes lit up as though I were reading a dinner menu.

I LIKE wabbits!

Those are today's critters.  I'll have more soon!

Your friend,