Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dearest friends:

Persephone at the keyboard tonight, slowly plodding along the QWERTY line (I can press all of them at once, but it's terribly difficult to separate Q from W if one does not have opposable thumbs) because HER LADYSHIP deigns not to assist us in our blogging. She is cemented to her white-hot Macintosh updating her BLACKBOARD account for her art students. Damn.

Maybe some of our friends in the bloggenwelt might assist us in nagging her nibs into assisting her poor, unattended Irish peasant dogs in managing this horrid keyboard and keeping our buddies up-to-date on all the exciting trouble we've been into.

In the meantime, since it's relatively easy to press the "upload image" button, I shall share several pictures to describe the state of Persephone's Garden and the effect that the milestone we reached today (indeed, the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere) will have upon it. I must soon return to the Underworld. Hades, pomegranates, raging Demeter, ah...the Drama!

My Morning Glories are still blooming!

Still, the trees behind them are turning yellow.

My Elephant-Ear is HUMONGOUS!

The Buzzy-Bees are busy foraging...not much time left.

Up North, my Loon is emptying the pond of trout. Did you know that when loons cruise at flank speed, they raise their front-end like little tugboats and drop their tushes?

One last image. Scene: The Boneyard Pool of the Farmington River in Connecticut. Rising trout at dusk.

Dad thinks this is ineffably beautiful, but he's pretty weird anyway.

Okay, Buster says it's naptime!



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Magical Green Orb -- by Buster

Dear friends:

It's been much too long since I attended to my blog--mainly because my normally robust powers of persuasion have failed (once again) to convince my female human lackey (the one with ten fingers and the ability to press one key at a time) to help me with my posts. Please accept my sincerest apologies and help me to nag her eminence into being a little more punctual!

There's lots of news to share, but I need to pry the girl away from her lesson plans and her accursed, sleek, flashin'-hot new silver Macintosh laptop! You'd think she'd be spending ALL her time helping me with this blog. Humans have no sense of priorities!

Life would have been relatively normal, prosaic, and almost routine, had it not been for the recent arrival of the GREEN ORB FROM THE NETHER REGIONS!

A singularly vile creature, and I will destroy it.


The Day of Reckoning will come! Any suggestions on how to penetrate its thick hide so I can reduce its horrid little noisemaker to its constituent fundamental particles?

There's much to share...tales of blueberries and bears...the tunnel to Oz...the elegant excavation skills of my beloved Lucia...I NEED MY STENOGRAPHER!

Please help me talk my Mom into helping me. This business of trying to maintain communication with the Known Universe of canines and humans without the benefit of fingers or a hyoid bone is vastly overrated!

Your faithful correspondent,