Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Mysterious Journey through Quinnipiac Gorge -- by Buster

Hey, Scouts--it's Buster, the Ultimate Canine Explorer--back again
with another small account of a routine journey to the far ends of the earth!

Next to the Norway Maelstrom and the Pillars of Hercules, my favorite
spot for an afternoon exploration is Quinnipiac Gorge.  All I need is my
crazed human-with-Y-chromosome, and we're off!  Maybe we'll see
some giant ground sloths or wooly mastiffs....

I'll bet a wooly mastiff ripped this tree down!  I hear that they're not
especially well-mannered creatures...

Ah--the Fabled Upside-Downtree of Quinnipiac.

Home of the mythical Rightside-Up Sloth.

And the Den of the Dreaded Cave Terrier!

I must be brave.

In the Land of Siltstone, one must be cautious.  I heard that three airedales got
buried under forty feet of this stuff when the cliff collapsed, and it took them
four whole minutes to dig themselves out!

Take THAT, vile siltstone !

A bubbling spring...  why does the sound of this make me want to raise my leg?

And we come to the infamous Rottweiler Rapids!

There used to be an old railroad bridge here--until a large Rottweiler
bit a chunk out of the stone foundation and the bridge was swept downstream.

Darn, I'm thirsty!  A pint of Guinness would sure be nice!

I think I'll just sit here and imagine that the river is flowing with the Nectar of Celtic
Mother Goddesses...although a Harps Lager would do almost as well...


More later.  I think my next trip will be to Tristan da Cunha.  Or maybe
St James Gate...



Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Official Gracie Album--Collect the Whole Set! or Here Come da Snow!

By Ms. Grrracie the Grrrreat

They say the snow will finally come to my house.  Ms. Blue said it's about time. Ms. Blue also said
that this was the first winter in all her 11.5 years that we didn't get "SNOW".
  Said it's almost March and nothing but water fell out of the sky.  We take our snowy weather
very seriously ya know.  I went to sleep last night and this is what I dreamt about it......

I saw white stuff falling from the sky onto the ground and it was all WHITE!!!  
WoW!!  dreams are so vivid....
I  looked all over for my stick... I had it the day before when  the sun was out and shining....
The stick was hiding under the little flakes of  

I stuck my nose down into the SNOW and found the stick.  I knew I had left
it somewhere down there.

Now I need to find a place where I can chew on this stick...this SNOW stuff is
a little chilly to be laying down in.

Uh.....yOU wHO!!! anybody in there?  I want to come in now!!!!


I hear a voice far away....
"WAKEY! WAKEY! Ms Grrrracie the Grrreat.... Time to go out."
Hmmm,  today is becoming curiouser and curiouser.
It seems that dreams aren't quite where did I
put all that snow again?
It was it's just a little soggy out and the mud is
here and my feet are not snowy...

Ms. Grrrracie the Grrrreat, blushing in great embarrassment.
Ms. Blue still waiting to head plow into a good snow drift.
theBUSTER, kinda sad the snows just didn't pan out.
Ms.Persephone, snuggled in the couch swiping her paw on her head saying,
"Phew, missed another one!  HeeHee!"

**Ms. Grracie the Grrreat has a very active inner life....more to come.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Buster

Hi, friends--It's Gracie!  Today, Buster decided he would take flying lessons.  He gave me the honor of being his Air Traffic Controller!

Let's look:








And here I am, talking him down!  Personally, I give him a 4.5 for Technical Merit and a 6.0 for Artistic Impression!  I do like the positive dihedral effect with the ears...

Your friend,