Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Woofbaden Chronicles: in which Buster takes the waters and enters the world of haut couture.

I have been declared a Disaster Area--the paragon of Scruffiness!

Mom decided that I should take the Waters at the Sacred Baths of Woofbaden. I must practice synchronized swimming and quack like a duck.

Thus it was ordained that upon my emergence from these selfsame Sacred Waters, I must be coiffed and groomed. Vanity of Vanities!

Hey, could you remove just a little around the ears....and trim the whole package???

Oh, no! She's channeling Gunther the Mad Bavarian Hairdresser! I'd like a shave too...only leave the beard!

Oh, yes... let's not forget a nice beard-trim also... my hair is growing sooooo fast!

Oh, Quintessence of Canine Nobility! Westminster, here I come!

Contrary to popular belief, there are eyes on this countenance.

Hey, Wilson! What do you think? Am I not the handsomest specimen of dogdom you've ever seen?

One small problem... Her nibs hasn't released me from my bondage-table! Maybe I shall call 911

Now that's more to my liking! It's time to adjourn to the family-room to watch reruns of Dogs 101 and think noble thoughts.

And now, a word from our sponsor:

Who knows what evil lurks in the mind and heart of
Bailisaurus Rex?

Hey, Bozo! Do you know where Wilson is? Ransom demands to follow...

Curses! Revenge shall be mine, She-Devil!

Anyway, that's what my day was like.

Your faithful correspondent,


Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Fishing Lesson from Big Bird--by theBUSTER

Today's lesson is on "Fishing"!
Fishing is "fun"...
Fishing is "fantastic"...
Fishing is easy if you follow the following instructions explicitly.

You must be able to recognize the fish you are fishing for.
I have an example of a "rainbow trout" right here between my paws.
This pretty fish is known as, Oncorhynchus mykiss, in latin....
These beeeeUtifull fisheeez are in the same group as my favorite fish,
the Salmon, but I digress, this is not
a food show... but wait maybe it is. Hold your fisheez, I mean
horses, read on.

This is "big bird", a tall feathered friend of mine that
lives, there, and everywhere. From this point on he
will be known as, BBBH--
Big Bird Blue Heron.

BBBH likes to blend into the landscape but we see him all of the time --
he can't hide from the Blue Dogs.. uhn uhn uhn.. we see
you BBBH.
It just happens to be dinner time (it's always dinner time)
and BBBH is scanning the surface of the water.

This is your first lesson in "Fishing"..sort of fish 101.
I am introducing you to BBBH the greatest fisherman of
Look at the intense looking that BBBH is
displaying to you. If you want to catch fish -- forget the
rod and reel and worms.. get out there and

HEEEE YAH! Caught one! gulllllp.

One little fishie, two little fishie.... just how many fish does
it take to
fill up a
I don't know either,
he's always fishing and eating and fishing

This looking thing seems to be catching on!
Red winged black birds look and wait
patiently too.

So are these little ones.
Hmmmmmmm. I must ponder.

Pondering takes a lot of energy, so I will close for now,
hope you enjoyed, Fisheez-101.

Ms. Blue

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother Goose Tales--by theBUSTER

Once upon a time..........
well folks, this is a lucy goosey kinda story...
told by me, theBUSTER --
to you, the reader --
of MY blog (and Ms.Persephone & Ms. Blue's blog too).
O.K. so here we go again....
Once upon a time in the land called Connect-i-cut
there lived a blue dog, and his mom and his sister.....
and all the humans too.
Well maybe this is getting to lengthy? I'll cut to the chase here...
I saw some geese !!!
and they were kinda cute so I decided that everyone reading the blog should see them

So here are the first pictures of the Goose Family Robinson...
one little two little three little goosettes.. 4 little 5 little
teensey goosettes ... oh and a couple of goosey gooses too.
So how many geese does it take to herd goosettes?
Persephone says "goslings".. hoity toity to you...Ms. P... I will call
them goosettes.

Now lets see where was I... three little goosettes and
either the mom or dad.. these geese all look alike.
It appears the little guys are HUNGRY!
I know that feeling...I'm always HUNGRY.. but I would never...
uh uh... never, feast on geese, goose or goosettes.
I am
a peaceful carnivore.

Well now we have one goose and one goosette...

HAH! caught yah... you thought I ate them didn't you..
HAH! did I fool you?
Did I?
Did I?
Persephone... go to your room, stop laughing at me!

Probably didn't fool you, anyhow ..these little guys are chowing down
on the lawn, they can remove a lawn in 2 hours --
just call: Goose Eliminators and Sons
and watch your grass geT DOwn to the ground...
OH, uh, they'll get to work on it as soon as they
wake up from their nap.

This is theBUSTER and his best GOOSE, Goose, duck, duck GOOSE --
signing off with another random post from:
Kerry Blue Active Inner
Good night! B

Do you believe that? theBUSTER HAS LOST IT! We think it's because of the
30 degree weather we had the night before last, he had a brain freeze. He hasn't been
the same dog since..said something about it being spring not
took his goose and went to bed.
Ms. Blue & Ms. Persephone
(mildly amused)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Springtime Buddies and Other Sundries--by Buster

We like Springtime!
Lots of things and new friends come out to play....
My humomm especially does not like
when these little red oak catkins
come out and
my beard,
my legs,
my tail,
with these funny
little hitch-hikers!
They're everywhere!
in the house,
in my
on the driveway,
and stuck to my

There are only a few in this picture, because I had already rubbed my face all over the carpet......

But the humomm does like it when the turtles
swim by...
this little guy looks like one of our resident
turtles, "elmer", who lived in our house
for many years.
My human brother, Andy, was called "swims w/turtles"....
he would take "elmer" out in the water and they would
swim... "elmer" would go right up
to Andy's nose and didn't leave him, do turtles imprint?
Elmer was the size of a half dollar when
he came to live with us.

SHHHHHH quiet...see these tiny
We have to be quiet or they'll
flit away. May be Maggie and Mitche's dad
needs some of these for his barn raising?
They like to eat flying bugs and squeeterz.

Mr. Hawk...Sitting on the University roof!
out barn swallows!
oh oh...
he's a resident Hartford Hawk!
Do mascot's get paid to just
make an appearance?

This pretty rainbow came after the very nasty storm that
came flying through this week... The winds were
so bad -- that while everyone was gone
they broke our BIG umbrella
out doors on the deck.
It started out as a very pretty blue day
they found the umbrella upside down in the wisteria!

We went out looking for the pot of gold...didn't find it, yet.
Maybe next storm.

This is theBUSTER reporting on the latest
SPRINGtime happenings here in
bye for now,
theBUSTER, Ms.Blue & Ms.Persephone
relaxing in the sunshine!