Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A New Friend

This is Wendy!

She's a woodpecker. A little downy woodpecker, to be specific.

She came to live with us today. She appears quite tame and friendly.

Maybe we won't eat her.


theBuster, Persephone, & Bailey

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Scourge Arrives Upon the Land


Like, General Quarters!

Implement Rodent Defense Condition One!

He's Back!

And he's filling his little pouches with OUR birdseed!

"Beat the crew to quarters and stand by to repel boarders!"

Captain Bailey will eviscerate the scurvy creature, as soon as she figures out how to pass through the picture window.

Alvin has never encountered the dreaded Sephalump! Just wait...

To be continued--sometime...


Persephone & Bailey

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Boring Day -- by Buster

I don't know what the big deal is. October's almost here, and my human lackeys are scurrying about like rodents before a snowstorm. The look of subdued panic on their faces is comical. They just don't understand that the natural state of the Universe is that of restful inertia.

This morning, the demigods of Bad Weather brought gloom and showers.

Green things in the garden got a little greener, even as the leaves turned amber and crimson.

Bailey committed herself to her favorite Olympic sport.

While Bailey soaked up sleep, the mandevilla on the porch soaked up the rain...

I determined to commence my morning workout of aerobic scratching.

Which reminded Mom that it was time to do some grooming. I hate to admit this, but I rather like all the attention.

While all this was happening, I ordered my steak. This time, Dad cooked it the right way--rare enough so that it was still wiggling when served.

After dinner, I reflected on the fundamental hardship of my life. It's not easy having to figure out when to eat, sleep, and respond to spontaneous, unsolicited expressions of affection!

The evening movie was "Underdog!" I could watch this over and over again. That little cocker spaniel is one hot chick !

Sigh...it's been a long, difficult, and exhausting day. So I deserve to curl up with MyCat and reflect on all my accomplishments!

Guess what? More rain is forecast tomorrow!

I hope I can summon the strength.



Friday, September 19, 2008


Buster has barely recovered from his beaver nightmare of summer. Guess what? We girls have something FAR MORE SINISTER to worry about!

We have a creature living in our back yard that is so fierce, so evil, that no effort must be spared to remove it from our sight!

Its vile presence was discovered several weeks ago when nocturnal noises emanated from beneath the very deck that we patrol each evening. We barked. We scratched. We alerted the neighborhood. It taunted us. We had NO idea what it was!

Then Dad was trimming a dead branch next to the birdhouse...

We'd noticed that something had enlarged the entrance by chewing the wood away.

The creature JUMPED out and clung to the trunk of the maple, staring at us with bulbous, lemur-like eyes! It was vile and fearless. Dad winced and Mom looked at it with horror.

We'd never seen anything quite like it!

Mom muttered something about eschewing her customary pacifism and purchasing an automatic weapon. She remembered what a family of these demons had done to the cottage in New Hampshire, once they got inside.

We consulted our long-legged neighbor, who told us just what this nefarious, nocturnal natural disaster was...

B. explained that Glaucomys sabrinus is a triumph of natural selection. It is perfectly adapted for a single purpose: to torment Kerry Blue Terriers. He said he was very sorry, but we were doomed.

What now?

Do we meekly accept our fate?

Buster says he's going to gnaw down the tree and field-dress this rodent-from-hell.

Mom says there will be babies. This is a National Emergency.

Stay tuned,

Bailey & Persephone

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Mystic Chords of Memory--or--"Summer's Over!"

Hi. It's Buster at the keyboard, thinking wistfully and randomly. Maybe my mom will fashion some things into a real narrative, if I can lure her to the computer; in the meantime, you'll have to tolerate my non sequitur canine brain with its impulsive world-view.

So we're back from The Pond--sitting in the boring Nutmeg State (Hoo-Rah!) watching the remnants of Hurricane Hanna pass overhead. No pix of of the storm--it was vastly overrated--but I thought I'd share a few more of my summer photos, 'cuz I miss New Hampshire!

My swimming buddy, Lester the Loon, kept me company and let me paddle up next to him.

Lester spent most of his time underwater. If he wasn't down at the bottom of the pond catching trout, he was up on the top snorkeling...

Big, blue dragonflies were everywhere--buzzing around my head and mating with other blue dragonflies. It's a good life if you can tolerate the obligatory year's consignment to the bottom of the pond as a carnivorous predator-nymph.

I got to take LONG walks down the dirt road with my human lackies. Sometimes I'd see hawks and deer and snakes. No tree was left unautographed!

Mom insisted that I collect bull thistles for her. They're kinda like most of the girls in my life--beautiful and a bit prickly...

Princess Bailey, on the other hand, was the Goddess of studied domesticity.

Some things just naturally go with "loon"--hmmm...lune...moon...

In the evening, I'd go out in the boat and watch the bats. Coming back, the cottage would look all warm and snuggly. Mom would be waiting, reading a book, and my soft bed would be all ready.

This is an unimaginably hard life, and I miss it.