Thursday, May 28, 2009

TRUE COLORS THURSDAY ---->COBALT ---the principe azzurro speaks on blue.....

This is Thursday and it's TRUE COLORS DAY with Miss Blue....

COBALT is the color of me...I am a COBALT BLUE DOG......

......many years ago in Eire...there were many soft-haired blue dogs...
They were known as the Blue Dogs of Ireland.

the Blue dogs were verrrrry cute.
there were also blue nosed sheep......

and a few other
blue kinda
animals, such as
a football
blue dog.......
------------------------>In the spring the blue dog also played with his very extensive collection of Wilson's...which also were........ COBALT BLUE, of course!

<------- The blue balls bounced higher -- looked very pretty
allowed the COBALT BLUE DOG an edge in his game.
What exactly was the edge???
Let me think a minute...ok...I've got it!!!

The opponent couldn't see the balls against our very beeeeeUteeeefulllll Principe Azzurro...
because he was also BLUE!
Kewl huh?
So as the story continues... (this is just a little loooooose, sort of a turn...uh a 'U' turn in the story......)
The very beeeeeUteeeefullllBlue dog takes a short walk down his street & finds a place that has a rainbow!

---------------------------------> there in front of his beeeeeeUteeeefullllll brown eyes is
a very lovely spot that reminds him
of his dolce LuciaHHHHHH......!
at the end of the rainbow
is a waterfall.
Now you are probably asking why the waterfall???
the answer is:
uh...we're not sure except the Principe Azzuro
was certain his bella Luciahhhhhhhh would
like to see it so it's in there....sort of like ragu.

Ahhhhhh yes...back to the story .......
Oh darn, the gurls have found me out...they know I'm posting
now they need to get their 2¢
Alrighty then, this is Persephone, I've pushed theBUSTER out of the way
and I'm posting a very nice photo.......
I like guys in skirts...!
but if you look closely those bagpipes have Cobalt Blue Tassels on
them.... and that's what MOI, wanted you all to see.

In comes the matriarch, Ms. Blue.
She will not be excluded,
would like you to see some
neat buddies of hers (they remind
her of "Uncle Clancey the Wheaten).

The theme is now....Highland.
I've gone into my
collection of
animals from
the Highlands...
I have found my HighLANDcoooooooows.............
These will be a lovely addition to the post....
they have
TaTToos on...
they are
How 'bout that children?????
Bowing low Ms.Blue acknowledges the applause.

I have been pushed off my chair....
by the BLUE DOG himself,
UHHHHH we have run out of time....
is one of the favorite colors here at our BLUE house...
we have a ceiling that's a copy of a COBALT blue ceiling w/gold stars in the Bargello, in Florence....
uh...ok.. that's for another post....
that's the way it is on this lovely
COBALT day...
the gurls.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Peg LegBUSTER & Ms.Persephone's latest escapade and nurse BLUE

theBUSTER here,
several weeks back the Kerrys decided things were to boring for the humomm... so we all kind of had "issues" -- UH, all at the same time! This really is a first, we are hardly ever "under the weather", but, tack on a scheduled visit to the vet for Ms.Persephone, and Ms. Blue's pancreatitis (which is pretty much "cured") and it just started the ball rolling for the week!
Ms. Persephone came home from the vets after a sleep over, and has several little stitches down in the nether region -- a ZIPPER! She also had orders to lay low and
be quiet! <-----HAH, like being quiet will happen!!! she's been giving me all sorts of "hairy eyeballs". She thinks her visit was my fault or something -- harumph. The humomm said I have to be nice to her so....I'm being a nice sympathetic brother--taking toys to the Kerry Sofa so she can have company...and just trying to be really quiet.

I woke up after Sephie came home, with a sore foot (and I
was limping), the humomm thought I had a real problem this time
( I have been licking at my foot).
She couldn't see anything, except I did not want her touching my foot <------after all, it is MY foot and I'm ticklish!
(he's also a baby! P.)
Well she put me on the table and took out the BUZZZZZERS and proceeded to de-hair my tootseee! Lookie here...a HOLEY foot! Ouch.The humomm said, "If that hair is coming off I'd rather do it myself!". Now what exactly did she mean by that?

Then she soaked it

and slapped some yellow stuff on it with a little pad

and stuck a sock on it and then wrapped it.

She knew I would lick that yellow stuff <----that humomm just knows to much about me, I can't get away with anything! So I did lay low....and didn't move much, my tootseeee HURT!

She called my doctor and ratted on me... then got medicine at CVS and said they were anteeee bI awe ticks...(pretty red capsules)and tapped them down...saying "swallllllow!" I had to do that two times a day, for a week! Of course I had to soak the tootseeee two times a day too.

How boring is that. It's rough being me....and being wounded in action....and not being able to play ball outdoors or chase squirrels... (he is being pathetic! I had to go "UNDER the knife!" P.) So I limped around for as long as I could stand it....

I did start to feel a little better though, had to be the red pills.
I FEEL GOOD! da dee da deedadee dah!!!
But not for long....
The humomm, being "in charge".... just what makes her think she's in charge????
OH...ahhhh...Ms.Blue just told me -- she controls the Wilsons and the food....
uh, I guess she's in charge.
Anyhow she put me up on the grooming table and put the "noose" around my neck and decided to make sure there weren't any other HOLEY HOLES... she just wanted another real close look at "MY PAW" .... "MINE MINE MINE...not yours.. do NOT touch puleeeeeze.....
ah well she did touch it...then she buzzed all the hair off and made me a poodley foot .....then OMG she touched MY PAW! again... heavy sigh...she did say she didn't think I would loose the foot<-----now what does that mean??? Huh..I mean, that's my foot it's attached, how could I loose it? To much excitement ...touching my foot, wearing sox, taking medicine.... I decided to take a nap ---------->

The humomm took this "nap" picture -- it is "real" -- no trick photography involved...I mean this silly boy dog is OUT LIKE A LIGHT -- why his butt and feet are still in the bed is just not know!
I, Ms. Blue, decided to get into the picture too
and walked over him about 5 times!!! way weird!

ZONKED------------------> ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

shhhhhhhh he's sleeping.
So that's the late update on the HOLEY FOOT BATMAN.....
Ms. Blue.....I had to pick up the story the other two were just to tired.

PEEEE Esssss ... theBUSTER is "cured", he's been running around and the HOLEY HOLE is now all better (but the poodley foot is still a source of giggles). Ms.Persephone's "zipper", was a short lived inconvenience ....she is back to her old self and doing mahvelous...
MOI ? I'm actually doing lots better. Ms.Blue -- spokesDOG for theBLUES.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Team Buçta Prepares to Face Manchester United

Hey, friends--it's Sephie here, with my annual account of the triumph of Buster's testosterone-afflicted imagination over the tenuous boundaries of reality.

This year, he has signed on to bring his highly-overestimated talent to the footwork arsenal of the vaunted Catalunyan team in facing the dreaded Manchester United. I think I'll just stay in bed Wednesday and hope it all goes away.

Team Buçta has been practicing specific strategies--such as the trademark "Mid-Air Ball-Gobble"...

And the infamous "Keep 'Em Confused" move...

In the meantime, I'm going out to plant some flowers!

Have a, well, fertile weekend!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happiest Birthday to our MOM, Ms.Blue!!!

MS. BAILEY BLUE----------------------------->∏∏
Welllllllll it was 9 years ago on May 21st that our MoM, Ms.Blue came into this world.
Our humomm gets all leaky when she thinks of Beeza as a pup....we love to hear the
stories of her coming home to meet our Uncle Clancey, the wheaten, and how he took
her under his wing and taught her all she knows of whurling, play bowing, and acting goofy.
We truly believe the combination of these two characters threw the humans over the edge.
Uh....well I guess.... as the story goes, they already were over the edge.
Any how, me...theBUSTER & MOI..., Ms. Persephone would like to send our MoM...slurps and butt bopps and wishes for many many more wonderful years of terrorizing the population!
She is the best....the one and only,

Q u e e n o f B l u e d o m
the "B"!

H A P P Y 9 T H ! ! !

peee ess: we have more posts to explain the hole in the foot and Persephone's zipper...but the humomm is trying to do grading at the moment and asked us to hold the presses...she'll help us after tomorrow!
PEEEpee essssss: LuciaH!!!! I'm glad you're back...I'll tell you all about the tootsie tomorrow!
Love your dolceBUSTERIGO.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Swimming Lessons: Branta Canadensis

Hey, Blog-Buddies!

Buster, logging in, with a brief report on my second-favorite subject: SWIMMING!

My first-favorite subject, as you know with tedious certainty, is chasing my yellow Wilson-Ball around the back-yard until it looks like the aftermath of the Bikini Atoll tests.

Anyway--I was honored to observe a first-class piece of tutelage in the fine art of aquatic propulsion this afternoon. In fact, it was a masterpiece! Observe:

This was followed by "Part II:
Synchronized Swimming!"

It took me days to master the dog-paddle. These little guys, aged precisely one week, learn fast! Well almost as fast as...THE MASTER:

Little Toot, a.k.a. Ms. Bailey Blue, Mistress of the Seas!

I can't wait to head north and go to the Pond!

Your faithful correspondent,


Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Phantom Oak Catkin Menace

Ms. Bailey here, with a report of a disturbing scourge which has fallen from the sky in post-glacial Connecticut. Catkins! Specifically Oak Catkins! More specifically, the pollen-tassel of Quercus borealis, the Northern Red Oak. No, they are not little kitties, which indeed have a defensible use (chasing, barking at, &c.). Every May, catkins fall from the sky with the singular purpose of fouling the beards of Kerry Blue Terriers!

Observe Ahab here--yes, Ahab--he with the peg-leg, which was his just reward for pursuing cosmic forces he did not understand (Great White Whale, ineffable karmic destiny, or possibly Sawtooth Sephie--whatever pinched his paw, it became abscessed). At any rate, note the sublime befuddlement that registers in his uncomprehending, testosterone-drenched eyes.

Oh, the misery! Plainly divine retribution is afoot (which is what Buster retains the use of in his fore-quarters); some ancient debt must be repaid.

No Kerry, regardless of virtue, has been spared. Even I, paragon of saintliness as I know myself to be, am afflicted with this vile pestilence!

Plainly, we are being tested. Perchance I should perform some penance. Must I wear the Scarlet "K" upon my tunic? Parade around the village square confessing my alternate career as a Conjurer and Witch?

Nah, boring! I'm just going to curl up with my buddy, Monsieur l'Éléphant, and enjoy an afternoon nap.

Your faithful friend,

Ms. Bailey Blue

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Die Zauberflöte -- and the Magic of the Last Night in Salzburg for Lucia & Busterigo!

When BUSTERIGO asked Lucia if she would like to attend the opera, The Magic Flute, she hadn't expected this! But--as with most things BUSTERIGO talks Lucia into--this was an experience that she will most likely remember for some time.

The following scenes from the
Salzburger Festspiele
recently evoked rave reviews among opera cognoscenti in attendance. Never in living memory had Mozart's beloved Die Zauberflöte been performed with such raw--even canine--passion! The leading men and ladies must have been influenced by Myrna & Gilbert's wedding.

In the role of the Queen of the Night, the lovely
del Litorale del Nord
sang the daunting, arpeggio-
rich aria,
Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen*.

Her performance drew no
less than three standing
ovations from the enthralled

*The Vengeance of Hell Boils in myHeart
(click on the link above and you can hear Diana Damrau's
rendition of the aria, which was performed in 2006
<----maybe that's the one that BUSTERIGO was impressed
by...violent little aria that it is!)

Mind you, this music is difficult! After all, it's Mozart! But dolce Lucia performed it exquisitely. Please make note of the similarity of la Luna to those kitty claws Lucia has been ingesting...

It's hard to convey in mere words the breathtaking drama with which the entrance of the Queen of the Night is accompanied. Her presence is associated with all sorts of Masonic symbolism (a female Yang to Sarastro's Yin). Basically, she sort of descends out of the sky, even though her realm is admittedly in the other direction (F. Scott Fitzgerald noted that the sign of a first-rate intelligence was the ability to hold in one's mind two mutually-exclusive notions and retain the ability to function. Mozart had a first-rate intelligence.). Psssst ....let it be known that BUSTERIGO has first-rate intelligence too!

Here's an artist's rendering of one of the original sets for the entrance of the Queen of the Night. A bit understated, don't you think?

In the role of Papageno, the renowned baritone, BUSTERIGO (Il Cervello dell'Uccello -- which BUSTERIGO chooses to translate as "Possessing a Bird Über-Soul" rather than Bird-Brained) Vespucci made his Salzburg debut.

Never in the history of Austrian opera had Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja* been sung with such exquisite sensitivity for its bird-besotted subject!
Make note of his most avian strut...and how he stands so hawk-like--he did learn this from his conformation experience -- lots of preening there.

BUSTERIGO was able to
skilfully bring the audience "up close and personal" so that they could discern some of the "buff, buff, buff buff buffs" that he used to fill in the blanks where the consonant-laden German came to a pause. After all, he's just becoming semi-fluent in Italian! The audience was transfixed -- WHAT A PERFORMANCE!

* Click the above link to hear
Detlef Roth as Papageno singing this aria.

And the score is...........

WHoOOOOoooo0000 way to go, Lucia and BUSTERIGO!!

Persephone & Ms. Blue, on assignment for DWB World Service in Salzburg, Austria......


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Persephone's FaceBook Page: Our Springtime Personae

Ms. Cybersephonie is pleased to announce her new FaceBook presence, with the appropriate avatar and updated profile! Her eminence does not yet tweet, as the very sound of it stimulates a rather disruptive proto-carnivore response.

Name: Ms. Persephone Blue, DFH*, Dark Goddess of the Underworld

Profession: Part-time Goddess, Vocalist, Interior Decorator

Hobbies & Interests: Being admired; Lap-occupation; Shredding steel

Education: Ms. Demeter's School for Girls-Gone-Bad

Favorite Quote: "I fear that I have awakened a sleeping giant and filled it
with a terrible resolve." (Isoroku Yamamoto)

Status: Single

Favorite Causes: Naptime and Dinner

*Daemon from Hell

Okay--so here's Bozo:

Name: Buster Blue, Nemesis of Badgers, CGC (Honest!)

Wonder Dawg and Septic Tank Excavator

Hobbies & Interests:
The single-minded and relentless pursuit of Wilson

Ms. Victoria's School for Canine Good Citizens

Favorite Quote:
"But soft! What light from yonder window breaks? It is the East, and Lucia is the sun!"

Status: Infatuated

Favorite Causes: PETW*

*Pets for the Edible Treatment of Wilsons

Name: Ms. Bailey Blue, Scourge of Rodents and 24/7 Watch-Dog


Hobbies & Interests:
Bossing Buster around; smearing tuna on Dad's pillow

Raspberry Ridge Academy of Sheepherding

Favorite Quote:
"l'Etat, C'est moi!"

Status: Single mother

Favorite Causes: Dogs Without Borders; world conquest