Saturday, April 21, 2012

Springtime--and another edition of "My Critters" --by Buster

Ah, Spring!  Buster the Amateur Zoologist at your service, with the latest report on new critters I've discovered in the neighborhood of Chez Buster. 

First, we have Mr. Redtail.  Every morning, there would be a pile of dove feathers--but no dove!  A mystery, to my thinking!  What could be separating doves from dove-feathers with such efficiency?

Then, the dove-feather-separator made his appearance in person!  Or rather, in raptor...

Cute little guy, don't you think?  I love his fuzzy feet.

Okay--one more picture!  Just to demonstrate Mr. Redtail's total disdain for table manners...

Next, we have Mr. Wood Duck.  I was disturbed by the sound of quacking from a tree above me.  Ducks are not supposed to perch.  Then Bailey told me that there's one duck that does. 

 These guys are kind of "designer ducks."  They're just too darned pretty to have evolved in typical fashion.  I like to think that a mad Celtic Child-Goddess began playing one day and came up with the design.

Finally, I present that rare accompanying species to the three-toed sloth, Bailibeastus somnolensis.


In its natural habitat, this creature is a formidable night-time competitor.  The Olympic-class sleeping organism of the animal world.  The REM Master of dogdom.

That's all for today!

I'll have more to report after Dad and I go shark-fishing in the Farmington River.

Your friend,