Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back to the Pond!

Hi, blogbuddies!

Buster, at your service, with GREAT NEWS!

Dad and Grandma went North on a grand expedition to my FAVORITE PLACE in the entire universe: THE POND !

Once again, it's time to get the little cottage ready, so I can swim and ride the paddleboat with Mom, and harrass Alvin the Chipmunk's New Hampshire relatives.

We found it just as we left it last autumn. Quiet, serene, and inviting. The water was full of tadpoles, and a new hatch of dragonflies was hovering just above the surface.

The lawn was full of orange hawkweed--a lot prettier than its name!

The blueberry bushes were full of ripening fruit! It'll be a great crop this year if the bears don't get them first! This COULD be a problem--Dad found bear scat in the front yard under one of the blueberry bushes.

And, of course, les petites fraises des bois were everywhere! Veronique suggests serving them with Chantilly. IF the bears do not eat them first.

Dad had to hook up the paleolithic MONSTER PUMP to supply the cottage with water. The pond is spring-fed, so the water's crystal-clear. After a long series of Druidic incantations, the pump came to life.

Unfortunately, it's BLACK FLY season in the North country! Grandma stayed indoors, and Dad cut the lawn, emerging bloody but unbowed.

So the place is just about ready to host the weekend BUSTERWORLD theme-park. I'm looking forward to this! Maybe next weekend, Mom will take me up and we'll take a swim!



Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Apocalyptic Invasion of the Visigoth Chipmunks, or "Les ├ęcureuils lunatiques nous tourmentent !"

Once again, there is a disturbance in the Force!

Alvin and his evil henchmen from the Chipmunk Death Star have attacked the peace-loving inhabitants of Planet Buster.

An urgent call for assistance has been sent out to the Federation.

They appear cute and fuzzy. Don't be misled! These creatures do unspeakable things.

Like this!

Yes, friends, that WAS my driveway! The entrance to my home universe! The abhorrent creatures had established a network of tunnels so extensive that two gallons of sand were required to fill it up.

Buster, the Wonder Dog, to the rescue!

First, the sand and the water...

Looks rather like crepes...

Then, the magic "gunk!"

Okay, this is starting to look better...

And finally, we'll keep those stupid humans from stepping on the repair job by putting the Official Buster Tush-Cooler on top of it!

Now, if only I could catch the little guys and rip their jugulars out!

But Alvin mocks me!

Maybe tomorrow...just wait! I'm sharpening my teeth as we speak and rallying the gurlie forces to come and assist.....