Sunday, July 31, 2011

Report from the Front: "Dear Mom," Chapter 2

Dear Mom:

Yes, we're still fine!

We do hope that you and your little wunderkind-diva, Gracie the Favored One, are enjoying yourselves up in the mountains.  We forgive you for leaving us with the crazed Lesser Male, whom we cannot torment as much as you.  He simply launches into an exegesis of the advantages of canine lobotomies, smiles, and asks us politely to stop barking.  WE NEED SOMEONE CAPABLE OF MANIPULATION.  We miss you!

The temperature has fallen to the boiling-point of bronze, and we're chillin'!  Life is good in the South!

I--Bailey, the Previously Anointed One and Actual Diva--continue to guard the domicile against the incursions of the Evil One.  Yes, there are Wabbit Turds all over the back yard, and my status is upgraded to Defense Condition 2!  One more turd, and there will be a massive retaliatory response.  WMD!

Buster allows that he is not especially concerned.  About wabbits, or much of anything!

A piece of work, that one!


The Price of Wabbit-Freedom is Eternal Vigilance!
You will never have to worry.

Just relax, and enjoy your stay beside the Pond, up in the cooling airs of New Hampshire, with that little courtesan gold-digger.

Buster is vigilant in his own bizarre way, but not about anything that matters...

Please note the sterling condition of the object of his deepest affection!

Under normal circumstances, Buster's beloved Wilson-ball is only knowable to him by the quarks and gluons that indicate the path that it has taken.  Why?  Because he's color-blind.  Now, his yellow Wilson is even LESS distinguishable from the nearest clump of grass!

Behold, Exhibit A:

Impressed?  Watch this!

Consequently, our heroes were forced to move up to "close range," in order that Buster could "see" the ball.

My theory is that he never actually "sighted" Wilson; he merely plowed the ball forward in space-time with his ponderous schnozz, creating a gravitational void into which Wilson plummeted!

Anyway, no worries, we're doing just great down here on Devil's Island.  Dad promised that we might be eligible for parole in a decade or so.


Bailey, the Previously-Anointed One

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Mom

Dear Mom:

We're excited that you chose to run off to the cooling waters of The Pond in boreal New Hampshire with that little parvenu, the insufferably cute little diva, Gracie. 

Don't worry about us.  No, we're doing just fine, holding down the fort at home, watching the temperature climb to levels previously measured on the surface of the sun.

Yes, we're okay.

We thought we'd send you a brief report of our activities.

Buster agreed to do the blog entry.  He loves keyboarding almost as much as he enjoys stealing Gracie's toys.

More about that later...

I've been guarding your home against a pestilence--an invasion--of EVIL WABBITS.

You must understand that this is a duty that I take more seriously than most terriers.

One particular EVIL WABBIT sought to undermine the very foundations of your house by burrowing beneath it.  Suffice it to say, I followed him.

This really does represent some of my better work, don't you think?

In the meantime, Buster has been playing nonstop BusterBall all through the evenings with a singular intensity one sees in droid-besotted humans playing Angry Birds in an airport.

And yes!  The hare-brained, testosterone-addled boy-child, incapable of catching a weal wabbit, has purloined Gracie's!  Nah, nah nah nah nah!

Then there's the little matter of the heat...  while certain annointed Chosen Ones were cooling their posteriors in the cool mountain airs of the Granite State, we have been guarding the gates of Hades down here in Connecticut with a resolve worthy of Cerberus, the Arch-Kerry Himself.  Observe Dad's car thermometer as it registers the outside ambient temperature at 5:30 p.m.  

We just wanted to let you know that you shouldn't be concerned about us.  All is fine.

Give our best wishes to the little brown-nosing Miss Cutesy.  We're taking good care of things (Did I mention the new septic tank?).

Love to all,


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Account of the Unspeakable Stress of the Fast Life beside The Pond in New Hampshire--by Buster

Blog-buddies, I'm BACK !

Yes, Bailey and Gracie and I have just spent the most awesome couple days amid the restless urban sprawl of New Hampshire!

Well, I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Plainly, this place is hopping with activity.

What do you get when you cross an American Bison with it's domestic cousin?

Somehow, "Beefalo" sounds just wrong!

Anyway, it looked like the Beefalo farm had diversified its portfolio anyway.

Here's the center of Marlow, NH. 

Finally--Pond, Sweet Pond!


Gracie has to check things out.  Poor Bullwinkle tried to swim across the pond, but all the attention scared him off.


The hummers came and went...

Bailey and Gracie watched patiently from the inner porch.

Sometimes, two females would show up at the same time.
The guys never show this much cooperation...

I began my summer aerobic routine to get in shape.  This takes time and LOTS of effort!

Big Bird stalked the perimeter each evening...

The chickadees came to call...

And Mom gave me an awesome haircut!

Don't you think I look quite debonair?

Your friend,


Thursday, July 7, 2011

My First Birthday--by GrrrrrAcie the Grrreat~

It came and went and my huMOMM didn't even let my new blog buddies know.
It was Mother's Day, and she may have, sort of forgotten the fact it was also
MY, ME, GrrraCie the Grrreat's FIRST birthday ever...
like, I was a whole year old!

Here I am -- I am verrrry cute -- my huMomm took a first picture of me ever, up at the Lake!The Following pictures were taken whilst I grew into the GREATNESS that I am today.. so check it out!

Notice the surprised look? Well it's just a trick of the camera -- my NOSE is not that BIG! But it looks pretty funny. My HuMomm says I look like a cute flower with the bottle-brush beard...

The Yellow Collar was my new collar, and it has my name "Grrracie the Grrreat" on the blue tag...and where to take me if I am lost.

As I got older and outgrew the pretty yellow collar, I borrowed one from Ms.Blue (she has the most beautiful collection of collars! -- She's like the Emelda Marcos of the Kerry Blues...only collars not shoes!) To get back to Me Me Me...notice I'm flirting? Well I decided I needed to cultivate this here flirting thing!


Fast forward to "spring" and my sore nose..........

; I wasn't feeling so well, I had a really sore nose! It was swollen and my eye on the right side was running and I had to see a "vet".... she was nice vet. When I got home, I had a prezzie waiting for me.

My humomm said she was saving my new collar for my birthday but thought I needed it then...
It's got purple in it and it's a Celtic chain... and I'm an Irish dog.. so
it really looked pretty on my curls...and I'm pretty vain.. so, well,
it did help me feel better, because
it was verrrrry pretty, with my swollen nose.

Back to our regularly scheduled program...

See how quiet and demure I look, holding my new leash w/the purple salamanders? Purple is my color... This was also a "Lake Picture" -- I do like the lake.

I like this picture of Me Me Me and Ms. Blue -- I sure was a little pipsqueak, because Ms. Blue is a bit on the vertically challenged end of height. She was teaching me to watch for chipmunks and to be patient. I looked now what are we gonna do??? hmmmmm

Oh another Lake picture--we went to close the cottage up for winter and it was sooooo cold my huMomm thought I needed a jacket, so I borrowed Ms. Blue' was toasty warm and I was getting reeeeeally tired.

Oh sure, they had to put this picture of me and the purple (my favorite color) ball in there.. I was zonked out from carrying it all over the place... zZZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzz

theBUSTER and I were playing Cerberus...only Ms. Blue hadn't jumped up to be the third head. The humans think this is soooo funny, theBUSTER and I play this all the time. The GNAH GNAH noise is pretty intense.

Well, here's a picture of FALL' when I couldn't help myself but pick up leaves with the ball, then role around in the leaves.

When Fall comes, everythingfalls from the trees and boy it doesn't take long for it to fall......

I think I must have just had a bath and haircut in this. My huMomm just loved all the colors on the ground and her little blue dog in the middle....she said I was "Cute!"

She also said, "Wait 'til the snows come, Grracie..... you think this is neat!

What are snows anyhow? I mean it just doesn't make sense to me......

O.K. I think I've got it! Not yet, you say? How do you
know...this stuff is kinda cute as a moustache . Besides, I'm cute too, I have a snow-stache!

O.Keeeee , the above may have been my "first" snow... but this one below it is...


Oh my! I feel sooooooo small... Look, I can't even see the shed! I can't even see theBUSTER, or Ms. Blue? Where am I anyway? HELP!!! ANYONE OUT THERE??? HELLLLLLLOOOOOOO..
Can someone please help me? Puleeeeeze?

Alrighty, they didn't really leave me out there to be an icicle; it just seemed that way! They all thought it was pretty funny, because I had never seen SNOW! Well, I bet there was a time
when they had never seen the stuff either... so there!

************* ----snowflakes---- ***************

This is embarrassing....they said I was an elf and needed to dress up for the
OH K sion ...whatever that means! I am soooo cute.

Santa Paws and elves and trees in the house..
what else is gonna happen in my first year?


They got the rest of them in their elf costumes too!
Then they made us all sit and stay •OR• in Ms.Blue's case lay down and stay... The humomm said it
would make for a more interesting family "portrait"...

Like what is this portrait thing anyhow?
People are strange about this SEASON thing.
I sat, but then after 100,000 pictures I just figured I would rush the photographer....arrrrrrgh!
I showed her my pearly whites...and then hurled myself towards the camera person...
Hee Hee, Ho Ho...that was my first Christmas!!!

Would ya just look at that... Christmas was just a while ago, then New Years, now I'm getting all gussied up to go to
Florida with my humomm and make my debut!
I'm special...I'm going to the specialty!

This is me getting my hair cut of the century.. getting ready to take a ride to the "Kerry Specialty".... what is a Kerry Specialty? I mean really, I am special already, I don't need to do a "Kerry Specialty" I?

Uh Huh... I did have to go... and I gaited! See how cute I was! I got prizes, and I got to meet my daddy dawg.... ----------

He is sooooo handsome.
I don't know if he realllly noticed me; he didn't play the gnah gnah game and make lots of noise like theBUSTER , but I sort of liked him anyhow!

I was in a crate right next to him and he did make me happy and felt a little like I was at home. Daddy-Dawg is theBuster's cousin.

When I got back, I was very happy to see my people, my BUSTER, & MS.Blue, so I stole theBUSTER'S Wilson..... and made up a song ---- "Ode to theBUSTER & Wilson" by G.
Listen closely, it's a fugue!

The "SNOWS" are gone and the birds are out, chirping, but the grass hadn't grown up yet, so everything was kinda .....brown. I was chewing on my favorite stick. My people said it's "spring-time" this is spring, my first spring. Much has happened, winter was very busy with snow and ice storms and more snow ....and more ice storms.
After all, this was GRRRRRacie's First Winter! Now it's my first SPRING!

SPRING is kind of WINDY, and warm and busy!!!
We can run around outdoors because it's SPRING!

theBUSTER said let's play "Wilson", so I said, "HEY, it's Spring"... so we can play ball now! He was kind of silly about it -- told me I was a little sprout the last time we played...hee hee...check this out! I'm NOT a sprout anymore.....

I'm a big Kerry Girl NOW! I like playing ball with theBUSTER, but, I also like just chilling with
the little blue ball that I had when I was a little sprout. It looks very small now.

I got a new purple chain for the summer, because the humomm said we would be going to school! I'm not sure I'm ready to go to school yet -- those yellow buses are awful big
and, well, I kind of like being at home with my peeps.
Getting into trubble----that's my middle name.

My huMomm said I looked as "happy as a piggy in s®†¥˙¨t..."
Wonder what that means?

I was just digging a hole to China via Australia so I could see my buddy

Well blog buddies, she cleaned me up so I could say 'bye.'
Stay tune for my Summer-time escapades at the lake!

We will be at the lake for the fourth of JULY.
I don't remember what happens on the fourth of JULY,
but theBUSTER says it's lots of fun....

Bye blog-buddies..until I get back from learning to swim!!
One Year Old, Grrrrracie the Grrreat, coming to you Live...

p.s. isn't she cute? theBUSTER


FROM: theBUSTER, Ms.Blue, Ms.Persephone & me, Grrrracie the Grrreat!