Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Aftermath: 7 1/2 Days of Pleistocene Existence come to an end!

Your buddy Buster here:  Good News!  The Wolves are no longer at the door!  After seven and a half days of living like, well, a wolf, the power came back on in the middle of the night last night.  I must say, this was a pretty humbling experience! 

Let me introduce my newest, BEST friend, Snuffles the Kerry-Warmer!  He sputters and purrs for about 3-4 hours at a time, providing Bailey and Gracie and Yours Truly with real warmth from a small electric heater.  After that time, our human lackey gets up in the middle of the night and feeds him.

Snuffles had to be purloined from the People's Republic of Rhode Island, since none of his kind remained in Connecticut.  I'd like to be that popular!

Miss Bailey really appreciates being warm.  She's getting on into her Prime-Diva years, and she likes to curl up beside the electric heater by the window and just soak it up.

Now that the furnace (and everything else) is running again, our pack of not-so-dire wolves has ventured out onto the Tundra to survey the damage and chase small, furry creatures.

Gracie has absconded with MY squeaky tennis ball...

Miss Bailey stays close to the noonday sun!

And what could be better than to engage my trusty side-kick, Gracie in a good old-fashioned Bark-Fest?

Miss Bailey indulges in her patented, ritual back-scratch.

Today's by-word?  Canis Familiaris !  With the emphasis on the adjective!  I like being domestic!  Warmth.  Regular meals.  Dutiful human servants.  It's not a bad life!  How did our lupine ancestors ever manage?

Your friend,


Friday, November 4, 2011

Dispatches from Arborgeddon--by Buster

There was an early snowstorm in New England this week.  The guy on the radio says that sixteen inches of snow hit the trees before the leaves had fallen, and promptly the trees came down.  I think I'll take a look....

Hmmmm....    Bamboo patch carpet-bombed.  Not a good sign!

Let's walk down the street!

Now I know why the power's out and mom can't make her hot cocoa....

This explains the loud cracking sounds all night!

I tell you, this is not looking very promising!

Ya know, I think we're going to be here for awhile!

Gracie tells me we'll be without electricity and heat for awhile; just like in the Old Days, when wolves howled and lived by their wits!


Well, it's been a full week with no electricity, no heat, no internet.  Dad's posting this from his University for us.  I'm tired of wolfdom.  I'm bored.  I want a hot pizza dinner and a bath!  Send help!

Your Born-Again DOMESTIC canine friend,