Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Humble Note of Explanation in Regard to Buster...

Hi to all of our "Blog Friends". This is Persephone coming to you from cold Connecticut, USA.

Many have noticed theBUSTER's "ball Collection" and the BIG basket of toys. Well, let me
'splain the BIG basket of toys, since I pretty much 'splained all of those BALLS.

I, myself, me, moi - usually do not partake of "playing w/BALLS or TOYS...but I love some of the "higher" pastimes, such as reading good books and mostly harassing my brother,
theBUSTER. I have observed that others on the blogs w/brothers do this too -- ROCK ON....keep them on their toes!

PSSST! When no one is around theBUSTER goes down to the room where all the little animals live and he swears they talk to him... I think he's dreaming or balmy in the head.

theBUSTER is so silly -- sometimes he has so much fun, he becomes one of the toys!!! Seriously almost can't tell the difference...fluff.. it's all fluff!


This is how the huMOMM found him.. he was asleep, in the basket, with the TOYS -- with that silly smile of his! I do love my silly brother....especially when he's sleeping.

Anyhow... for those that care...... after all this "cuteness" on theBUSTER's part.
This is Ms. Persephone, hoping for spring to come soon.. so I can smell the flowers.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lock 12: Buster's Adventurous Journey into Deepest, Darkest Cheshire

Snow flurries on a Sunday afternoon. Time for a pre-SuperBowl Male Bonding Experience with the dad! The PT Cruiser has been fitted out to set sail for Terra Incognita.

Okay, we'll ditch the silly hat!

After a fearsome journey of many leagues, we arrive at our destination.

Back in Colonial Times (when the Brits forced us to be civilized), there was a barge canal that carried the necessities of life from New Haven (on Long Island Sound) to Farmington (not far from Hartford). The canal has silted in, but the horse-path is now a greenway for bikers, rollerbladers, and Kerry Blue Terriers.

The old locks are still there, and the canal, currently frozen-over, does support a population of ducks, muskrat, geese, and wooly mammoths.

The dad told me that this was a lock...but I'm confused. Why did they have to lock it? To keep the airedales out?

Seems like a lot of this stuff happened before I was born. I'll bet this place even pre-dates Britney Spears!

C'Mon, Dad--let's get moving! There've gotta be hot chicks taking a Sunday walk. Did I ever tell you about that cute little Welsh terrier?

YeGads! You didn't tell me it was going to be DANGEROUS! Lions and tigers and swans, Oh My...

Okay, that was a bit of a let-down!

It's pretty, in a bucolic sort of way...folks must have been awfully lonely around here, though!

They have these benches to sit on, donated by the relatives of people who read William Blake. A good sign!

So far, I've met a golden retriever, a German shorthaired pointer, and a pit bull; and I've scared the living daylights out of all of 'em! I love my work!

Wonder what Dad's planning for dinner... I'd really like to try canard à l'orange, with a good Chardonnay!

Wow--those are BIG timbers for moving the old lock doors! I've heard stories they used animals for slave labor in those days!

Okay--we've walked about two miles! This frozen canal is getting old, and I'm hungry!

That's better! I'll just take a nap on the way home and dream of that roast duck!



Friday, January 25, 2008

How to Vex a Buster, by Persephone

What to do on a cold, boring winter afternoon?

Sephie, at your service, with a brief introduction to the exciting sport of "Buster-Vexing!"

It's not as complicated as it sounds --although it does require some basic equipment:

(1) Buster, well-endowed with testosterone and limited intellect

(1) Human co-conspirator

(7) Wilsons

Step One:

Jump-start the Buster.

Step Two:

Have human co-conspirator place Wilsons on patio table, in full view of Buster. The use of a scunci to expose organs of sight is highly recommended.

Step Three:

Allow attention-challenged male Kerry Blue to bark in anticipation. On command of resident diva, human co-conspirator commences overloading Buster's brainstem, with predictable results!

Step Four:

Watch, enjoy, repeat as necessary!

"Buster-Vexing" Variation Number Two:

Align Wilsons on deck in front of hyperthymic male terrier. Toss single Wilson over target in slightly high trajectory. Ensure that Wilson DISAPPEARS through railing into garden on other side...

Watch the fun!

When Buster obediently retrieves Wilson and enters treatment for PTSD, assure him that he'll ALWAYS be your hero and go inside for a dog biscuit!

I'll bet the airedales are even more imaginative on a winter afternoon...I hear stories!



Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ode to a Blue Blanky -- By Persephone

Some dogs have rhinestone collars
That cost lots of dollars,
Some poodles have oodles
Of toys and things chewable.

I have something better
That will last me forever,
A true friend for days
That bring rain or sun's rays.

I've my Mommy to thank
For my wondrous blue blank-y,
It keeps me warm when it's chilly
And secure when life's silly.

It has a soft blue sky
With green stars to sleep by,
So comfy for my head
When Mom goes to bed.

On days that are dreary
When my mood is less cheery,
I contemplate things that are scarey and feary...

But my blue blanky clings
To my cheeks and it sings
Of sweet dreams and skunk chases,
And Buster's funny faces!



Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

SnowBuster Agonistes: Further Observations on the Inherent Weakness of the "Y" Chromosome, by Persephone

The anemic Nor'easter left a paltry four inches of powder on Buster's backyard domain. Still, it was time to make some progress on his greatest engineering problem: Yellow Wilson + White Snow = Disappearing Wilson.

For a long time, you silly humans thought that we dogs were colorblind. Well, not exactly! A research project at the University of California, Santa Barbara in the late 1980's resolved the question forever: WE CAN SEE COLORS. Just differently! Some things stand out: like a brown chipmunk among amber leaves. Other things don't. Like a yellow Wilson in white snow!

Note the rapt anticipation of our Wonder Dog--the sense of imminent Wilson-bliss--as he torments his poop-scooping dad into tossing his favorite yellow orb.

Note the momentary sense of confusion as Wilson disappears into the white fluff.

Dad dutifully puts aside his scooper and pulls Wilson out of the snow, exposing its distinguishing Yellowness for the Buster. "I can DO this!" says he.

The ball sails over to the middle of the backyard and is sucked beyond the event horizon of a black hole in space, the information regarding its former existence permanently lost! Oh, grief!

Perchance, Wilson was eaten by the rabid Bamboo grove. Or Wilson went to that place containing single socks and car keys...

Buster's little brain will remember, even next spring, the exact spot where Wilson disappeared. But his short attention-span demands action now. Dad can no longer endure the torture of his barking, so Wilson's stunt-double is produced!

Ah...Bliss! He can do this all day and feel like each moment is unique, joyful, and unprecedented! Maybe he knows something...

à bientôt,


Friday, January 18, 2008

WHooooOOOOOOoooo0 we got the prizes today!!!! from the GooberStan!

Stanley you the MAN!! WoW! we all got our prizes for theBEARD contest today. I had to wait until everyone
was here so I protected the prezzie package with the all powerful WILSON....

When we had everyone around I started to unload the package.. It's FULL of great stuff!

The humomm had to put everything on the table so we could see it all and the read the
card.. Thank God she read the card...

The gurleez wanted my OZZIE the Octopus... but it said right in the card that it was for me!!
I do love my new green friend from my new black & tan friend!

He went to bed with me and I carried him all over the place.... mmmmm Ozzie tastes mmmmgood!

Persephone & Ms.Blue could hardly wait to break into the sweet potato rawhides and the piggeeeeey snouts..

They just had a grand ole time divveeing it all out... Persephone latched onto YOUR gooberSTAN picture magnet-- right away and Ms. Blue is thinking of places to hide the piggeeeey snouts & beef jerky....

Ms. Persephone also stole the card and was found reading it way late into the night!

Heavy sigh... a card from my gooberSTAN... with Curious George on the front.. and a magnet of the famous goober .....
I've got just the place for the magnet! ----

right on the fridge with all the important pictures and "stuff"....

WOW! What a great time we

Thanks Stanley for all your hard work and especially for all the great prizes.....

Your friends,
theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone, & Ms. Blue too!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

His Eminence, the Marquess Buster the Ingenious of Puddleston St Droop, prepares to try out for the position of Shortstop with the Boston Red Sox

Hey, blogmates--

It's Sephie, the perennial observer of male silliness!

Ever since receiving his award for Zen-like Beard-Consciousness, Buster's ego has expanded to the size of the Crab Nebula. He struts about and expects to be greeted as some kind of celebrity! And worse, he thinks there are no limits to his abilities...

Tonight, he got it into his 14-cubic centimeter brain that he could accompany the long-cursed Boston Red Sox to their third world championship by virtue of his prowess as a Shortstop.

One minor problem: HE CAN'T SEE THE BALL! It seems he has as much hair in front of his eyes as he does beneath his chin.

"Not to worry," he says! Just borrow a scunci from the HuMom and wrap those locks right up, exposing the eyes of an eagle!

Don't you think this looks like the paragon of masculinity?

Okay--here we go! Check out the form!

Yeah--that was just lucky, right? Well, he says just watch--he'll do it again!

Okay, I've gotta admit, he might be on to something here. So I asked Bailey, my four-footed Mom, what she thought. Is this something we girls ought to be impressed with?

Well, I guess I got my answer! I 'spose the Red Sox will have to struggle on their own for another year!



Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Entirely Miss Reverend Lady Persephone the Harmonious of Dramble Buzzcock Takes a Sabbatical to Visit Her Castle

'Twas a sunny afternoon, during which Her Ladyship took her place in the royal PT Cruiser and set off to survey her estates.

Her retainers were directed to drive the royal party to Castle Craig, in the Hanging Hills of Southern Connecticutshire.

The place was just as she had left it....

A commanding view of Middlesex County to the South and West...

A very defensible parapet with nicely crenellated walls to keep nasty barbarian tribesmen, round-heads, or insurgent labradors at bay....

Fabled Mirror Loch, where Aengus Llwuffenmorachmckerrolain defeated the Corgis, could be seen in the distance!

The prosaic inscription in front of the edifice has of course been expressly written by Her Ladyship's Office of Public Relations to deter tourists and itinerant Cairn terriers...

But something was amiss! The Royal Meriden Constabulary had occupied the easterly approaches to Her Ladyship's castle! There were fire engines, emergency vehicles, and paramedics. What could be happening?

Miss Reverend Lady Persephone took full measure of the situation, looking left, right, up and down.

What was that in the sky? Could the Airedales be launching projectiles with their trebuchets again! Nay-- 'tis a rogue helicopter!

And it's going to land upon the Sacred grounds of Lady Persephone's estate!

The Airdales must have developed an Aire Force!

And they're landing right beside Her Ladyship's PT Cruiser! It's time to alert the Pikemen and Harquebusiers!

Okay...take a DEEP breath...the consequences of a vivid inner life can take a toll on one's grip on reality. It's just the local LifeStar helicopter, and all this commotion is just a drill. Seems that the Royal Meriden Constabulary must
often rescue injured rock climbers, hikers, and sightseers who have inadvertently seen the cursed Black Dog. So they plan occasional exercises like this!

Guess it's time to return home, grab the Remote, and watch some Reality-TV!

Okay, that's enough reality! I wonder if the Airedales have wild imaginations...