Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Asta TAGGED us!! Uncle Clancey makes a one-time appearance to give you insight on a picture!

Hi... I'm "Uncle Clancey"... , Ms.Blue , Ms Persephone & theBUSTER'S good old soft-coated-wheaten-uncle speaking to you from the rainbow bridge. You know the place -- it's where all good dogs go to wait for their masters... then we get to escort them over the bridge to a beeeeeUtiful place.
Well I'm just waiting and having a great time watching the silly Kerrys not to mention the humomm & dad who rescued me from a bad place... Of course the humans have made note that they hope I will have to wait a very long time to see my Kerry buddies -- they are not quite "ready". Buster, Persephone, and Ms. Bailey Blue have been tagged by their friend Ms. seems we have to post a picture that is:
#1. real old
#2. never been seen on this blog
and is in the humomm's picture folder... Well, she searched and found me...then she kept searching and found the earliest pictures she could of Ms.Persephone & theBUSTER... of course
there are earlier ones of Ms.Blue but this one picture takes care of the bunch of Kerrys in one fell swooooop. Here's a little swagger down memory lane <-----I remember because I was there then... and my little gurlie Ms.Blue was such a great MOM!
So here is,
#3. Tell a little bit about the picture:
Welllllll, lets see if I remember correctly, Ms. Bailey Blue was 3 years old and the twins were about 4 days old or so...they were her first babeez born in the clouds. They were sooooo cute.
Actually, they were lucky they were cute <--- I coined that phrase as they got older...I was their first chew toy. Boy could I tell some stories about those two. Unfortunately I am only allotted just a bit of time for this one I'll get on with it.
theBUSTER says he thinks he remembers a little bit about the picture, but seems to be unusually quiet at the moment. Ms.Persephone says she was in a very dark place, and she emerged into the light of day (around 8:oo in the morning) to become our little springtime-flower-child.

So here you are bloggerz....the 3 Musketeers!

Just so you know.. Ms.Blue is truely the twins' mom... Ms.Persephone is on the left and theBUSTER is on the right.

Now, for the rest of the rules of this tag:

We must choose "5" friends to participate, so I will pass this on to theBUSTER so he can tell you a bit about his buddies. Thank you uncle clancey....swoooooosh..

#1. I want to ask my light of love -- my dolce LuciaHHHHHH!! she is out there in lucia-land -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PICCOLO AIREEEDALE... heavy sigh.....I'm dreaming of my bella Lucia...

#2. My Australian buddy.. Noah and his gurls....they're up in the beeeUteeful Blue Mountains.. Lucia and I want to go visit them soon...we're working on it.

#3. The most handsome blonde, Clive...and his little man....he lives in one of our favorite place, Ireland.. of course we are the Blue dogs of Ireland! Clive's on vacation so it will take a wee bit of time to hear back from him.

#4. Faya and her little brother Dyos, way over in the mountains.. of Switzerland.

#5. Sue and her gaggle of swimming porties....all of them... it's hard to tell them apart when they're all together in a great big mass of curleeez!!!

There you go, a done deal I, theBuster, just want to tell everyone to please visit my dolce LuciaHHH's blog and tell her 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM herBUSTERIGO... She will be so excited to hear from all of you and especially happy to know that I told everyone about her special day!

theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone & Ms. Blue and the memorable "uncle clancey"...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Pond: The Official Tour, by Buster

Hey, blogsters! Your host, Buster the Supreme Emperor of The Pond and All Her Majesty's Possessions in the New World, bringing you the Official (approved by Her Highness, Persephone the Dark Goddess of the Unnamed Regions) Tour of my domain!

Quite happily, those annoyingly loquacious fellow-travelers (the very same Persephone of the Wine-Dark Seas of the Underworld and her Demeter-Wannabe mother, Bailey) have been temporarily cast out of Eden, condemned to wander the forsaken streets of Connecticut with their lackey male human for Eternity (or a week, maybe) while I, the virtuous, anointed hunk of puerile canine energy can enjoy the Pond alone with my human Mom! Hah!

Oh, the tour...

First, ladies and gentlemen, we shall begin with a 360-degree panoramic view, as seen by Buster the Mariner--from the Geographic Center (!) of my watery empire:

So it ain't the Pacific! But it has enough room for its own Pond-Monster, which of course, is ME ! The terminus of this panorama, of course, is Castle Buster, my summer palace.

Here's my personal dock, with my personal Royal Yacht, propelled by the very same energy-source that powered the triremes at the Battle of Salamis!

At high-noon, the place is hopping with frenetic activity. Observe the breathtaking sense of urgency!

And what lies beneath? Yes, I can summon monsters from the briny deep! Unspeakable things, n'ere seen by human eyes...

As night falls, gales and boreal cyclones whip the water into such a frenzy that only an experienced mariner such as I would dare to cross this body of water.

And here is my evening perch, on the porch, tongue-couchant, awaiting the obeisant attentions of She-Who-Also-Commands.

As you might imagine, my life is difficult and challenging!

More to come in my next dispatch...

Your most obedient correspondent,

Buster, Admiral of the Ocean Sea of New Hampshire

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Buster Among the Ferns

Fellow Campers:

Ms. Bailey Blue, Pond Princess and Dock Diva, reporting.

I have come to the most disturbing conclusion that Buster, endowed with little more than his diminutive, testosterone-soaked brain, nevertheless garners far more than his legitimate share of attention.

Regard this hapless specimen! What unseen force could create the impression of general affability and sweetness? Yet HE gets to accompany his human slaves on almost ALL the walks...

He gets MOST of the boat rides. And he's a sloppy mariner at that!

He is always being swept up and cuddled by some human! One would think he possessed some ineffable aura of appeal; I do not understand what they see in him.

Observe the casual insouciance with which he navigates the Chemin de Fougères!

And what do I, Supreme Princess of the Pond, get?

Buster's rather ample tail!

Well, I confess, it IS a somewhat attractive tail, as far as that part of the anatomy goes...

There remains but one creature on the Pond with a greater quotient of arrogant self-assurance in contrast to his rather gawky appearance.

You guessed it: Big Bird, our Great Blue Heron!

Buster and Big Bird get along wonderfully. They must share some bizarre impulse to make the world laugh.

I'll have more to report later, but it is time to chase small animals.

Your faithful correspondent,

Ms Bailey Blue
Doyenne of the Dock

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Continuing Chronicles of Buster's Randomized Brain...

Hi, folks!

This is Ms. Bailey Blue, reporting to you from the lake....and also bringing you the SECOND Buster Random Narrative Competition.

The rules (we must have rules) are quite simple:

I will provide theBuster's somewhat lateral intelligence with a series of real photographs taken of events in which he actually participated in -- sometimes more then once or twice or even three times +.

The Astounding Busterizer will then take the keyboard <----don't ask, this is exploitation at it's best, but then the A.B. is also supposed to fashion a rational (well, maybe) narrative to describe the events portrayed !

Yes, folks, it's my favorite show: Buster's Got Talent!


Okay--Bozo, it's all yours!


Not now....I'm tired!
Can't you see I've had a huge day of playing with my Wilson and this is not what I, theBUSTER, want to do < ---reallllllly,
just look at my eyes, they're glazed over, almost in a catatonic state (that'll last for almost a whole minute (B.)).

I've smelled the flowers...

I've watched that silly dog next door "retrieve" constantly...
all day long --
kursplash!! kursplash!! kursplash!!
He needs scuba gear -- then I won't have to listen to ....

Now I'd just like to the know, have some down time in my life...
heavy sigh -- just look a that perfect ear set.....sigh.

Of course "you humans" seem to think down time is the time to terrorize the terrier...
geesh...what exactly are you doing to my BEEEE u T ful ears??

I've even watched the hummingbirds shoot the...I mean catch the moon in their teeeeeeensey weeensey

I've watched the beaver swim 10 feet in front of me...the nerve of this beaver...can't he see
that in the boat is the one and only ferocious BUSTERIGO (i miss my luciahhhhh!) waiting to nab him from the water
makea rug out of him?
Geesh, I really must be loosing my touch here.

That's it.. the last straw... I'm going to sleep and I'll wake up to do it all again tomorrow and then figure it out... whatever "it" is... ahhhhhhhhh...Tomorrow is another day.

G'night, Ms.Blue -- G'Persephone --
G'night E V E R Y O N E & E V E R Y D O G!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a Kerry Kinda Celebration

theBUSTER here reporting to you from the shore of "the Lake", it is a tolerable 63 degrees...perfect weather for Kerrys and their human lackeys.
The lake was looking mighty inviting so I did shove my snout deep into the water just to check out the little pollywogs and to see how much they had grown. But I digress on to the important things.

To all folks and dogz... it was a bright and windy day...the excitement was pretty high in the little
cabin in the woods. ---------------------------------->
The sun was going DOWN fast, all the
dogs in the neighborhood
getting ready

the greatest show on earth. Uh...well
maybe at least the greatest show on
the lake.

UH!!! oh oh...
Ahem....wait, one minute!

Lets start over.... back paddle ....full engines reverse...
it was a dark and starry night........
But -- there were clouds up there so
we really needed to
So we waited.
We even waited some more.
the sky got darker
the moon was looking pretty bright up there in the sky....

darker still...

just a bit clearer.





pop pop pop....


.....and the little cabin on the lake, had many many more stars falling in the sky then we had seen since 2008!

Oh, the HUMANITY!!!!
oops, just got carried away there...
Alrighty then, we had some fireworks, and the rain waited...
until we had seen the sky light up, many many more times....
slept..... in the little cabin on the lake.
•the end•

This report brought to you by:
theBUSTER, with help from: Ms.Persephone & Ms. Blue.
On this day
the year

Monday, July 6, 2009

At Last: We Return to The Pond !

Hey, mates! Cap'n Bailey Blue, reporting from the briny depths of "The Pond" in the untamed wilderness of New Hampshire.

I've left my first mate, Buster, out there searching for the Great White Whale. He's an impressionable lad, and he has promised to pursue the beast round the horn, across the Norway Maelstrom, and through Perdition's Flame.

Meanwhile, I am beta-testing my new swing. Quite satisfactory--do you not agree?

And most important--here I am conducting the site-survey and initial engineering study for the site of the dock. It is very important that the male human lackey receive appropriate instructions on its installation!

Et voila! A perfect repository for my exquisite tush!

Evenings are devoted to the gentle art of ripping the flesh from stuffed animals. One must keep in shape, you know.

Days are spent in pursuit of large birds...

And smaller birds...

And elegant insects that have no right to be so beautiful, but they are!

Evenings bring an azure sunset.

And the warm glow of the cottage brings itinerant flesh-eating Irish Peasant-Dogs back for some serious ear-licking and a nap.

Bozo, of course, fails to adequately grasp the metaphysical significance of these things.

There's so much more to report!

Stay tuned,