Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Summer--by Buster, Bailey, & Gracie

This is Buster, returning after a long absence.  My human keyboarder with the opposable thumbs has again ignored my pleas and entreaties to keep our blog properly maintained.  So I threatened to allow the chipmunks to continue their excavation of the back yard.

Sigh....Summer's over, and it was much too brief! 

Our sojourn at Camp in the People's Republic of New Hampshire allowed me and Bailey and Gracie the Parvenu Mommy's-Favorite Usurper Diva-Pup to renew our acquaintance with our buddy, Big-Bird.

Bailey practiced her butt-poses while waiting for red squirrels to come within disembowelment-range.

I practiced my Synchronized Aerobic Napping, taking care to pace myself and not over-do it.

Silver-fringed Fritillaries feasted upon the rudbeckia...

The humming-gluttons arrived and tanked up on sugar-water, going into hyperglycemic frenzies.

I asked one little girl to pose for Dad's camera, so she froze her wings in position for a split-second.

These birds are certifiably crazy.  The feeder sometimes resembles a Roman arena with diminutive, usually-female gladiators fighting each other to exhaustion.

At times, we would just sit on the deck and count the sun-rays reflecting off the pond...

Momma's Darling, pampered Gracie-Come-Lately assumed a classic Bailey-pose on the deck.

Monsieur Loon took all the really good trout before Dad could get them!

The sunlight reflecting upon the bill was a nice touch.  He mocks lesser fishermen!

Autumn came, and the days grew shorter.

We started to put things away for the winter, and I began to dream of long nights under a warm quilt.

Although one more visit remains to take in the dock and secure the water pump and plumbing, we bade farewell to the Pond and its creatures.

There's some extraordinary news regarding Gracie the Favored One, but I'll let Mom relate that if I can convince her to HELP US MAINTAIN THIS BLOG (!!!!)

Your friend,