Friday, November 20, 2009

The Observant Naturalist: Today's Species

Busterigus tongueflappus

Family: Canidae

Genus: Canus

Species: lupus

Subspecies: busterigus

Sub-subspecies: tongueflappus

Range: Within barking distance of Lucia.

Habitat: Typically found on soft, horizontal furnishings--couches, beds, sleeping human torsos, pillows.

Diet: Opportunistic. Eats anything that comes across his plate. Especially fond of Irish stouts and waffles.

Temperament: Quirky; varies from hypomanic to hypomanic. Often irrationally exuberant with intermittent bursts of intense energy.

Markings: Similar to Sephalumpagus distinctis. Ears have positive dihedral for effective glide ratio if dropped from an airplane. Outstretched tongue functions as effective aileron.

Lifespan: Like S. distinctis, generally outlives primates due to tendency to wear them down.

Daily routine: Get up, pee. Lay down, get up, eat. Lay down, get up, eat, pee. Sleep, get up, pee. Play with Wilson non-stop, lay down, drink water, pee.... Repeat 20 times. Receive adoration of human servants and caresses behind ears. Accustomed to harsh environment.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Irish stouts and waffles?

That khould be my mom!


Sue said...

You guys do have eyes in there somewhere, right?

Clive said...

Waffles!! Oh yes, we love them here too! In fact we're going over to Brussels - the home of waffles in two weeks time! Murray and me will be in waffle heaven for three days.

Guinness is good too! Just had the Christmas puddings made here and plenty of stout used (and drunk) during the process!

take care

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