Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Visitation by the Fabled Abominable Snowkerry!

And thus it began--with gently falling snow the evening before...

"Have you seen him?" asked Mr. Squirrel?

Wendy the Woodpecker came to the window and asked the very same question.

Sephie and Bailey embarked upon a reconnaissance mission...

It was at that point that I, Buster the Wonder Dog, arrived! I earnestly declared my intention to save the day, although I wasn't quite certain what that meant, or whom I was saving the day from.

Miss Persephone was the one to tell me: the Abominable Snowkerry has come! Mothers, guard your children! Lock and load! L'√Čtat en danger! Crise de la guerre!

Sephie was angry that some thing had intruded into her back yard.

I went to investigate--and there he was!

Lurking malevolently on the back deck, the Abominable Snowkerry had captured my prize Wilsons and was holding them hostage!

With Mom's help, I bravely confronted the creature. After a bit, he seemed less menacing...

In fact, I was able to take advantage of a photo-op. Maybe they'll run this in the New York Times: "Local Terrier Captures Evil Snow Creature"

Come to think of it, there's nothing like a snow-cone shaped like a big Kerry Blue!

Okay--there goes the neighborhood...Bailey and Persephone have arrived on the scene. It's going to get noisy!

Mr. Squirrel contemplates the general confusion...

It's plainly time to play a round of BusterBall-in-the-Snow! It's amazing how quickly a yellow tennis ball will disappear from view...

By nightfall, the Abominable Snowkerry is an abominable mess!

Didn't this happen to the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz?

I suppose that my peeing on the monster didn't help much...

Miss Persephone has retired to her boudoir...

It's time to get a good night's sleep and prepare for tomorrow's adventure:

The Revenge of the Abominable Snow-Gerbil.

Sweet dreams,


Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Horrifying Premonition--by Buster

Dear friends:

I just had a most disturbing dream.

A creature more fierce, more vile than the legendary Killer Rabbit of the Holy Grail haunts my sleep. It will come soon. I know it. Unspeakable horror!

If we Kerry Blues were gifted with the ability to relate in pictures what its merciless countenance looks like...well, luckily, we cannot...

But the giant, Abominable Snow Kerry will come soon; I know it!

And when it does, Mom will relate the ugly tale...

Be very afraid,