Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goose Report

Hey, Foie-Gras fans!

Your friend Buster, here,

with an update on


The little guys are getting


They're gangly and awkward,

and they're very much into


Mom takes them out individually

and provides the very best

goose-step lessons.

They march together like the Prussian Army!

Here's the whole thing in action:

Pretty cool, huh?

Your friend and keen observer of

Ornithological wonders,


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Fuzzy-Critter Friends--by Buster

Guess what just came to a store near me?

You guessed it--the fabled Goosapedic, Sleep-Number Bed!

Guaranteed to provide your goslings with the very best
in high-quality, deep-REM sleep!

Of course, there are a few problems to be overcome
when you visit the Goosapedic Showroom
nearest your house...

Specifically, the Security Guards!

This was the first thing I saw that indicated
a potential problem...

And this was the last!

Anyway, my adventures will continue.

Next time:

Non-aggressive, napping mergansers,
doing what every boy-child does
when the ladies are out doing all the work
supervising far-too-many kids.



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gracie vs. Buster in "BusterBall Smackdown"

Friends, it's Buster, the All-Time, World-Cup Champion of the Fabled Sport of BusterBall, here to announce that a Challenge has been issued and I must respond!



With Compassion.

I must take pains not to humiliate!

She really has no clue what she's up against...

Gentleman that I am, I shall give her a trial run:

Now, that was interesting!

Okay, I'll show her my stuff...

Good Heavens, DID YOU SEE HER? Where'd she come from?
Area 51?

Did you see those defensive moves?

The girl's a BusterBall Machine !

Should I retire my jersey? Sell insurance and coach?

Oh, the Humiliation!

You're deflated correspondent,


The Sort-of Wonder Dawg