Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally Found: The MMD's (Muzzle of Mass Destruction)

Hey, blog-buddies! Your humble servant, Buster, with great news!

You know how much pride I take in my work--tormenting the girls with my barking, chasing anything that moves, and above all, eviscerating anything with fiberfill in it! Well, my humomm has promised me that she's going to share some of my accomplishments with you guys--my buds--so you can see first-hand the work of the MUZZLE OF MASS DESTRUCTION !

I admit, I wasn't born with this level of proficiency. It took many months--
years--of study and preparation!

There's a subtle difference between simply destroying a stuffie and Busterizing it. You'll see! The humomm is going through my portfolio, and soon you'll appreciate the Shock and Awe of a Kerry Blue professional doing what he does best!

Coming soon, to a theater near you!

M√Ęchoires de la mort, The Wonder Dog

Friday, February 22, 2008

SnowBunnies, Part XVII

Hey--it's Sephie here with GREAT news! We have SNOW! Lots of it!

And you know what happens when snow comes to the Kerry Blue Theme Park?

Girls go wild!!!!

We submit, for your consideration, our latest audition for "Dancing with the Stars." Please note the subtle, almost subliminal use of vocals to enhance the perfectly choreographed body movements!

I must say, we really blew away the judges with that piece!

Here's "Nigel," AKA Buster, the most critical of our judges. He was struck speechless.

Now here's our second oeuvre! A bit more "athletic," with a delicate duet at the end!

Kinda makes you want to cry, doesn't it?

"Nigel" was quite beside himself at this point. He destroyed a tennis ball and peed in the snow.

Our final number left the judges so vexed that they left the audition area.

I'm so proud!

Bob Fosse, EAT YOUR HEART OUT! I think folks will look back and think...Busby Berkeley...Fred Astaire...Margot Fonteyn...Vaslav Nijinski...Persephone and Bailey !

"Nigel" was so affected that he performed a pirouette and ran straight for his favorite bush!

And that's the way things are, Friday, February 22, 2008, in the hamlet of Cheshire-Upon-Quinnipiac, Crown Colony of Connecticut, somewhere north of the Antipodes.



Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse!

Bailey says that Mr. Moon's going to completely disappear tonight!

She's gonna make sure it comes back, 'cuz it'd be a shame to have nothing to howl at.

Looks okay so far...

A lot of nerve--to just disappear! How would that happen?

Buster's not going to let Mr. Moon out of his sight.

But this really isn't looking too good! Something's nibbling away at it...

Maybe the fabled "Eye of the Sephalump" will bring him back!

Uh, oh--the Moon-Eating Monster is devouring our favorite barking-object...

It could be a sad day for lunatics and lycanthropes everywhere!

Not much left! Come back, Mr. Moon!

Maybe if Buster lets out a blood-curdling "Chien Lunatique" howl...


Oh, well...when cosmic disaster hits, it's time to grab a Wilson!


Well, the humomm says it's bedtime, and maybe, if we don't bark and howl too much, Mr. Moon might come back tomorrow night!

We sure hope so...

Sephie & Bozo & Bailey

Saturday, February 16, 2008


HELLO to my public... my humomm has returned from the land of sun and sand and has agreed to post a small selection of my "COLLECTION OF DEAD TOYS" that have not already gone to "theLAND of LOST TOYS".

There was a short preview in the previous post, of me de-stuffing a little animal-- HAH! That was just a small example of my expertise (no little animals were harmed in the making of this post). I am a professional after all...

DOCTOR theBUSTER your service.

Up close and
I reallllllly check the toys out
thoroughly, to be sure...
there isn't something in there --
that just isn't quite right....

Take, for instance, this ball...

Seems like an ordinary ball to most folks-- but to me, the Kerry with the X-Ray vision, it seemed to need extra attention...

I decided to dissect the little bugger...

OBSERVATION # 1... it is NOT a WILSON... notice the red outer covering! It peals off like an orange. Wilsons do not do this...have never done this and will not do this...ever!

OBSERVATION # 2... take note of how cheaply it is made! I mean, it broke in half with one little bit of pressure from my amply-endowed, lupine jaws. Pffft!!

OBSERVATION # 3... there is no yoke inside! C'mon, what is wrong with these manufacturers????

MOVING RIGHT ALONG... I hold in my delicate paws... a saxophone! Does it play?


Does it have a small hole chewed in it?


Did I, theBUSTER, make this hole.. ? Uh.....wellllllll.... actually, I hadn't seen the sax for so long, I was just sooooo excited to see it again, and I accidentally made an exploratory incision near the bell: to check out where the music was supposed to come from...

Darn! The little thingy attached to the other thingy is broke... uh.....I think my tooth must have gone through it.

I wish I had something other than my big white teeth to dissect these toys with...

This is just very hard work.


Do you see it?? it's a "THINGY," right there next
to my was hidden in amongst
all the fluff! I got it out to show everyone!

THERE ARE STRANGE, HIDDEN OBJECTS IN MY TOYS! It is my solemn duty to find them and remove them before they have a chance to harm our humans!!

So anyway, that's just ONE strange & unusual "THINGY." There are more out there, lurking inside of innocent-looking toys!

Unfortunately, my saxophone isn't "playing" jazz any more. I wonder if the "THINGY" had something to do with it? Gotta give this some deep thought...

Oh, I LOVE my work!

This is DOCTOR theBUSTER signing off for now.

I have many more toys to dissect and not much time to do it--especially if I'm on the 'puter...

I'll be back with more explicit pictures of the TOY dissection monologues later, after I pick up the mess......

Oh.. and I will also address "theLAND of LOST TOYS" (did'ja ever wonder where stuff goes after it's been dissected, chewed up, and shredded?) in a subsequent post!


COMING SOON! Tales of Busterraptor Terribilis!

Some of my closest blog-buddies have noted with due concern that most of my toys appear to be in especially good condition, considering their daily use by me and my mum and befanged sister. Hah! Ye of little faith, be reassured that we Kerry Blue Scourges of the Apocalypse are no wimps! My humom has promised to post (shortly) some photos of reassurance for you guys.

Yeah, I admit that the toys in my toy-box are in pretty good shape--but it's kinda like saying that the few survivors of the sinking of the Lusitania didn't look too bad.

I, lovable, furry Buster, will prove to you that we Kerries are just as destructive as airdales and wires! YES! "Now I am become Death, Shatterer of Squeakboxes!"

My two-legged Mom'll show ya....just as soon as she can go through her
Strategic Bombing Assessment archives!



Thursday, February 7, 2008

Buster Takes the Waters: RELUCTANTLY

Hey, it's Sephie here, with the latest paradigm-changing research on the Kubler-Ross Grief-Cycle, applied to the bathing of Buster-dogs!

I'm going to get this published--then I can go to conferences and go on talk-shows.

Now this is a fairly simple model, but it's based on real observation. And it's thoroughly documented!










Well, at least he's clean and cuddly.

I wonder if other boy-dogs go through this bizarre cycle during bathtime...

Yours truly,