Wednesday, December 2, 2009

B. P. & B. private eYes...

It's B.P. & B. private eYes at your service here.
We have made note of the strange comings and goings of our people. They go (without us) and then they come back .......with bags and boxes and "stuff" and rush by saying...."don't look, don't look!!!". So what exactly is happening around here? Do any of the rest of you notice anything strange happening at your house?
•You Must Keep Watch•
•SEE everything•
•Do Not Leave Your Post•

The strangest part is they all work separately.
Don't show ANYTHING to us -- or ANYTHING to the other humans in the house.
shhhhhhhhhh -- It's a SECRET!
Which brings me to a concern. What occupations require being scretive? hMMMMmmmm... yeh.. the wrong kind of occupations.
More concern.

I, theBUSTER, private eYe, am very concerned for the amount of "stuff" entering the house, because not much is exiting the house -- except the garbage, which is always taken out on a regular schedule... hmmm Not to mention lots of food enters, and kind of disappears, but that seems to be normal too.

There seems to be talk of bringing a tree into our house also.....
Could it be that the-great-and-wonderful-Santa-Paws, will be visiting? hmmmm some more.
It must be's my humom's birthday today and he comes after my awesome powers of deduction....yes I am awesome.
oopsy, just got lost in a thought.... Hmmmmmmm ..........
it sounds like the big HOWLidays will be arriving soooooooon. wHoooOOOOooo0000000!

We must prepare.
Pull out the boxes unearth the lights.. we've gotta get ready!

Part 1. day .23. and counting....

theBUSTER, private eYe


Clive said...

Buster, we reckon you are a brillant Private Eye!

I'm getting pretty fed up with all the running around too, emptying cars late at night, trips up to attic etc etc!!

Some guy in a red suit must be appearing any time soon, you're right!!

Late year, I barked so much at his entry into the house, I nearly ruined everything (so I was told!!).

When does the NSLM's dad think it cool to dress up in a red suit with a beard anyway!!

love and woofs

Asta said...

Those stwange happenings awe something good I think!
My pawents awe way behind in evewything and I've heawd moans and goans about not having anything done yet..hoomans they awe a mystewy
I love you
smoochie kisses

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'll take the dekhk as my part of the watching out duty!

I khould watch out there ALL day!


The Thundering Herd said...

Our humans cheat - they no longer go out and get those mystery packages. They sit on the computer, click a little, and the brown truck man shows up a few days later.

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

ohhhhhhhhhh----we think you are doing a BRILLIANT job!! we just loved the picture! let us know what else you find out!

ps--thank you so much for the award--we are a little lazy with them but appreciate that you were thinking of us!!! we love your bloggy!

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

and another thing--we were wondering if that baby picture of the 2 of you could be ANY SWEETER!!! OMG!! you guys were toooo cute!!! the sweetest puppies i ever saw!

Sue said...

First, happy birthday to your Mom. Sorry we're late. Yes, there are lots of bags and boxes in the office and Mom won't let us look into them. No tree has appeared yet, but we're hoping all those boxes are for us.