Thursday, February 26, 2009

Honest Scrap: Telling the Whole Sorry Verito

from our new piccolo aireegurl friend, Lucia!!!

Dolce Ms. Lucia <----- to make sure we are following the rules.....yes Lucia is real and yes she is soooo sweet! but she has smacked us up the side of our very Irish blue heads with this esteemed "Honest Scrap" award today, which means we have to tell ten truthful things about ourselves... We all have such a vivid inner-lives that this may be harder then we think... I mean we have to tell the truth! Our whole blog, unfortunately, is based on truth (some is stretched just a little) so these lists may seem a bit redundant to those of you that have followed it from the beginning. But hey, we will make an attempt at
sucking it up and bragging allllllll about US! the three Blue Musketeers.

Here are the official Honest Scrap rules:

"When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap" weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!"

1. I am the very best catcher of the"Wilson" that I know.
2. I love all of my "Wilsons" equally.
3. I lied...I love my yellow Wilsons and my pinkie Wilsons and well, I also love my orange and green (Irish) Wilson.
4. I bark when the gurls bark because I just wanna make noise -- they always have something to say about nothing really -- silly gurleez, I will protect them so they don't need to be alerting the media to every pawserby.
5. I only need one major to be a champion and my humomm hasn't taken me to a show yet this year...something about majors....I am not in the army, exactly what is that about?
6. I like to herd sheep it's lots of fun and I plan on doing so in the spring -- they are so strange.
7. When it's time to go to bed I grab my "blankie" for security and sort of chew on it.
8. When it's bath-time and the humomm tries to get me into the bath ... I lay down on my back with my feet in the air so she can't make me walk-- I'm not quite sure it's time for a bath yet.
9. I 'm actually a pushover -- I act all prickly but I'm really just a love sponge and will sit in my humomm's lap when she's trying to watch a movie....she sez I make a real good what the heck does that mean?
10. Oh... number ten.....I can't forget to tell everyone I reallllllly like to play Buster Ball with wilson...did I mention I love my tennis balls?
Ms. Bailey Blue:
1. Shhhh -- I will be 9 years old in May.
2. Herding is one of my favorite things to do....I may be a little toot but the "bah nu ram" works for me...they don't argue even the biggest one moves after she gets the message.
3. Can't forget Strong dog/Draw Dog for tall terriers... I had lots of fun going down in the dirt and mud tunnel and pulling out the "badger" unfortunately I came out of the hole looking like a mud puppy <------ eeeeeU said the humomm... she had to ride for 3 hours home in the car w/ smelly old me! heee heee -- i went from the car to the tub very quickly.
4. Standing on top of the A-Frame is lots of fun -- I won't let any of the big dogs come up...I own it when I'm up there-- I really like agility...
5. When I first did the teeter it scared me but now I love to run up and make it go down with a bang.
6. When my two sillies come out to play -- I wait right at the door like a "troll" and jump at them to scare the tar out of them...of course I'm a little toot so I have to jump up pretty high to nab Buster's fall and pull it.
7. Oh I can't forget to tell everyone, I realllllly love to go up to the lake and swim, it's the most fun. I learned how to jump off the dock one summer and retrieve the water frisbee and my water wubba.
8. True confessions everyone -- at feeding time "at the zoo" I like to incite a riot...and bark and get the others going so it's near impossible to put us in our separate spaces to eat...makes the humans a little crazy.
9. I just love to be groomed and have my curls combed out... it makes me "feel good good"... 10. The first snow (actually anytime it snows...) I do my famous butt-tucking "fly by" around the yard , up on the deck, up the stairs a crazee much fun.
Ms. Persephone
1. I have more in common with the "Dark Empress of Hades" then less, and my humomm sez I live up to my name <--------what exactly does she mean by that?
2. When the humomm is sleeping I take books into my bed from the shelves to read so I can work on my dissertation <----- p.h.d . = pure HOT dog.... I have dreams of grandeur, ya know.
3. I'm a couch potato....I love to lounge on my pretty blankies.....
4. I don't like it when Buster steals my blankies and chews on him.. yuck disgusting!
5. Me Me Me... it's all about ME! phew I feel better now that I got that off my chest.
6. The reality is I'm insufferably cute and the humans are moltan jelly in my paws.
7. I strive to be a bigger bitch then my mom, Ms. Blue but she just won't let me.
8. I have a big golden friend, Zackey, that I like to take walks with...he's real cute but just doesn't understand my needs.
9. My favorite composer is Antonio Vivaldi....I just love to listen to "Il prete rosso le quattro stagione".... ahhhhhhhhh bliss
10. "I" am also a follower of Salvidor my own art I seek to transform everyday objects into Surealist apparitions which bear only an incendental resemblance to their original form -- consequently I've been given the sobriquette, "Saw Tooth Sephie".

I could go on but ms. Lucia said the rules state only 10..... heavy sigh.
The other 2 Bluez said it was up to me to choose the lucky "7", so I choose the following blogs for their uniqueness and wonderfulness, extraordinaryness etc... I choose: Ms. Jade (our kerry buddy), Ms. Faya, and the cute Dughallmor Beagles, and Skye the sled dog, Gus the wired boy, and, Penny & Poppy, & Amber Mae !

ba da ba da <------- that's all folks, Ms.Persephone, theBUSTER & Ms.Blue too.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thinking of Klaus

We're thinking of Klaus and Lulu and Bogart! Now, we Irish peasant-dogs, possessing the attention-spans of newly hatched drosophilae, do not do our best thinking with our brains...

But we're fabulous thinkers with our noses!

And oftentimes we accomplish a LOT of thinking with our tongues...

A most underestimated organ!

If you want to truly see into our souls, look into our eyes. They're windows to our ancient love of our human friends, and we're doing a lot of thinking about Klaus with them.

Now, truly, no self-respecting Kerry Blue would do any thinking without the benefit of our magic Irish nectar. We understand that Klaus appreciates the finer things in life--including Bogie, Lulu, and the art of making magic Irish nectar.

So we're sipping away, hoping that the primordial Celtic gods will give Klaus strength and make him well!


Buster, Persephone & Bailey

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sephie's Fabulous Afternoon Adventure

Bloggen freunden:

Okay--so Bailey's getting all the attention, and I, Persephone find it necessary to get away from it all and go...on sabbatical...walkabout...blow this joint...get some fresh air !

So it's off in the fabled PT Cruiser with my lackey chauffeur to explore the farthest reaches of my domain.

Maybe we'll set sail for the Antipodes. Or follow Captain James Cook's route around the South Seas...

Or maybe we'll cross the Quinnipiac River in deepest, darkest Meriden, Connecticut.

Sigh...For those of us gifted with a vivid inner life, reality often cannot keep up.

So it's off to seek the infamous Breadfruit among the palms of the Quinnipiac River Gorge. I love the tropics!

The temperate climate of these regions bathes everything in green!

Not far to go... Soon, we'll reach Easter Island; of that I'm certain!

Exotic flora! Could this be the mythic breadfruit?

The warm weather and steady tradewinds lead to a certain languor among the natives.

Maybe I'll actually meet a native soon...

Ah! The Cook Straits! That must be South Island over there!

Maybe our last celestial fix was in error. Hmmm... are those natives?

I'm altogether perplexed. By my reckoning, we should be greeted by happy, minimally-clad residents of Norfolk Island.

Okay...perhaps I'll have to fire my navigator!

I'm getting hungry, and this is tedious! I must summon my lackey to take me home!

This body of water seems to go on forever. I fear I'll get scurvy! I know what to do...


Hey, look--a crossing! Maybe that's the long-anticipated Red Bridge to Nowhere!

"Nowhere" sounds pretty good right now. I'm hungry!

But first we have to round the Horn and brave the waterspouts of the Roaring Forties.

Wow...that was close!

Now that's a LOT better! Maybe tomorrow we'll go to the Aleutians!



Sunday, February 15, 2009

Notes from Rehab

Dear blog friends:

Your faithful correspondent, Persephone at the keyboard again with a couple of observations regarding Bailey's recovery...

Observation Number One: She detests her new diet of no-fat cottage cheese and rice. Her Ladyship has promised to find revenge and inflict limitless suffering upon the veterinarian who prescribed this diet.

Observation Number Two: Her cherished friend "Beaver" has been renamed "Protein."

Observation Number Three: Our diva is no longer couch-bound! She takes frequent sabbaticals to hunt wild game.

Observation Number Four: Her energy level, measured in joules per tail rotation, has increased significantly since yesterday.

Observation Number Five: Buster fails to comprehend anything in depth, but he's glad to get his mom back!

Our primate mom will post more details shortly. Hope all our friends had a great weekend!

Your friend,


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ms. Bailey Blue talks to her public....

HelloOOO to all my blog buddies. Thank you so much for all your well wishes and doggie ZEN vibes sent to me....they are all so very much appreciated!

I am feeling kinda punky today, me and froggy have been sleeeeeepingZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz lots, because I am not feeling 100%... maybe 56% some of the day and 65% the rest of the day.

I finally decided to eat the white "white cheesey meatballs" around 4:30 yesterday....( the momm says they are made of no fat cottage cheese and rice ughghh..) It's looking like my meal really is going to be "white cheesey meatballs" for a while. Holding out for the "good stuff" is not smart so I decided to eat them.

I have to admit it does perk me up a bit...and then I snooze some more. But I do get to read all of your well wishes and do appreciate all of them and all of you so very much.
Thank you all!

I am hoping to be back in motion soon, keeping me on a lead is no fun, I need to run FREE! Because my little tummy was gooochy I was grazing on the BIG MONSTER out back (referring to another post a long time ago....)commonly known as the stand of bamboo -- this is what the ice did to it... brought it right down to my level.

This is a NO NO NO <-----that's from my humomm. Bamboo leaves are rather sharp, but hey, that's all that was out there in the ice and snow that was green and it made a nice fort and Ms. Persephone and I were whurling around in it -- boy did I pay for all that fun. Don't ever eat the bamboo's sharp and nasty, even though it was tasty.

Heavy sigh... tired now g'night.
Ms. Blue

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Note on Bailey...

Hi, blogbuddies-- Sephie at the keyboard with just a quick note regarding our dog-mom, Bailey. Buster and I and our human mom have been on pins and needles for the last several days, because Bailey is in the veterinary hospital. Her stomach wasn't working too well, and she was bleeding internally. This morning we found out it was pancreatitis.

Buster's a bit beside himself--he's pacing about looking for Bailey and uttering low-throated warbling sounds.

The primate mom and our human sister are on their way up to the vet's to pick up Bailey and bring her back--with lots of medicine and some dietary instructions. We're hoping she gets better soon!

She was really tired before she left--I took this photo myself before she went to the vet's.

We miss her! Especially when she takes our toys and hides them...

Your friend,