Thursday, July 26, 2007

Buster's Back! or, "Be Careful What You Wish For"

big toothy smile!!!
Hi everydog out there...I am indeed, back. I've been very busy though and this is the first chance to get onto the 'puter -- those two legged types hog it all the time. So the gurleez got on while I was gone I see. Hmmmmm.. I'll just have
to take care of that when I get

OOPSY.... had to find my ball....

PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!! This here is ms. Blue... the mom of the twins..........shhhhhhhhhh don't tell them but I just edited
myself into this here blog.. they'll never know what hit them.

HI.... he thinks he's sooooo smart that BUSTER does... heee heee
I've got a new water-wubbbbbba!!!!
I'm leaving the BUSTER & Ms. Sephie to veg out allllll by their lonesome!
I'm off to the lake with the humomm and dad and I'll be back to show pictures of
my swimming genius --- later!
ms. blue....the dog mom of those two brats.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Guess what?

Buster's on Sabbatical up at the lake with his Mom!

It's peaceful. No strutting, no macho barking, no idiotic stunts just to impress the girls! It's just us--Sephie & Bailey, taking care of Dad and our human siblings. At last! Order and Civility reign within the household.

Now, we can dance on the deck and run like the wind! Bozo isn't here to chase us!

No bond is tighter than the one between girls--especially moms and daughters, canine OR human! Sometimes, Dad says we remind him of the same dog, with two tails!

At last! The house is PROPERLY guarded against skunks, squirrels, terrorists, and the Westie down the street.

We've confiscated Buster's favorite toys and made them our own! He'll NEVER know, and we'll never tell!

Part of a proper young lady's day is good exercise. We can gallup about the back yard without the 45-pound gorilla trying to SUPERVISE everything.

And guess who controls the Remote? FINALLY! IT'S Animal Planet and "So You Think You Can Dance!" NO MORE MILITARY CHANNEL--Hooray!

Our meals are served with appropriate decorum, freshly grilled chicken, and a sprig of mint...

And the day ends peacefully. No theatrics about going to bed at a civilized hour, no complaining, no begging for a midnight snack.

Buster, eat your heart out!

We wonder how he's doing.

It IS really quiet.

And the house does seem kind of empty!


Wonder if he misses us?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Persephone and Buster's Summer Reading List

Hey, Mom's gone to a wedding, and we've been left all alone with our books!

We can read what we want!

So we thought we'd share a list of our favorite books--the ones Mom wouldn't want you to know we're reading!

Some of this is really post-modern, arcane literature. If you can't follow the thread, try to be patient.

Persephone, of course, prefers to read stuff that's, well, hard to describe.

Buster's tastes are a little more practical.

Sephie has begun studying the implications of Godel's Theorem on terrier (and human) consciousness. She's fascinated by non-recursive looping in dynamic neural systems. She also likes to chew ice cubes while reading.

Buster's something of a history buff. Churchill claimed he was followed by the "black dog of depression" throughout World War II. Buster thinks it was a Kerry Blue Terrier.

And now--Persphone and Buster's REAL favorites!

1. THE SAILOR DOG -by Margaret Wise Brown

2. MISTER DOG -by Margaret Wise Brown

3. THE OTHER END OF THE LEASH -by Patricia McConnell


5. THE CAUTIOUS CANINE -by Patricia McConnell

Hey, guess what Putter gave us?

This Super-Cool "Rockin' Dog Blogger" Award!

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Thanks, Putter!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Grill, Interrupted

Further Reflections on the Merciless Tormenting of our Human Friends

Hello, Sports Fans!

Your host, Buster the Wonder Dog here, reporting on the latest new sport in our back yard. Any dog can play, but I have to admit that, temperamentally, terriers have an edge here!

As you can imagine, the most important characteristic of a good back-yard game is that it must result in frustration or humiliation for the two-legged members of our family. If it provides an opportunity for nerve-rattling barking fit to wake the dead, so much the better!

It is well-known that ALL such sports are, in fact, variations of "BusterBall." This one, which I invented last summer, begins with the Grill. Specifically, the game begins at the very moment when Dad attempts to roast hamburgers for dinner.

Step One: Transport one of the zillions of tennis balls laying about the back yard to the foot of the grill and drop it at Dad's feet.

Step Two: Look up, imploringly, at the wretched human.

Step Three: Bark repeatedly until he tosses the ball over the 18-foot-high forest of bamboo.

Step Four: Retrieve the ball promptly and repeat an infinite number of times, until Dad requires a beer and blood pressure medication.

Visual Demonstration:

Note the subtle timing of the barks, and the especially insistent demeanor of the canine athlete!

The objective is to separate Dad from his appointed task of cooking dinner and lure him into endless repetitions of BusterBall:

That's a demonstration of Step Four (above)!

If dinner has been delayed, and the burgers burnt, the Kerry Blues have won the game! And they always do.

This is Buster, your host, signing off for now!

Monday, July 16, 2007

No no no... it's not about broccoli!

Hellllllooo every doggy out there...

This is Persephone!

I had to get to the 'puter before Bozo and try to save face...he thought it was about broccoli.... it's not about's about time capsules & dogs of the future.....guess they want to see how we survived the '00's . I had to 'splain this to the BUSTER! So now, me..., "I" ..., Persephone, must pick up the ball--or at least try to wrest it from the BUSTER.... (you all know how he is about balls!). are our additions for the time capsule:

#1. The BUSTER'S balls....Wilson tennis balls folks, at least a dozen for impact.
#2. One of my most cushy sleeping pillows covered in faux curlie sheep hair!
#3. Filled KONGS!... one filled with the best cream cheese and yummy biscuits and one filled w/peanut butter and many more biscuits.
#4. The BUSTER also needs to have a My Cat put in there so they know what cats are....
#5. A picture of "the Three Musketeers" -- Ms. Blue, Ms. Persephone & The BUSTER, wearing our best shamrock collars .....Goooooooo, Irish blue dogs!!! whooo0OOO0 ooo0Oooo

There are many other things, but I tried to narrow it down.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Fine Art of "Advanced" BusterBall--Release

Hello, Sports Fans! I'd like to introduce a new variation of the highly-competitive, ultra-challenging pastime of BusterBall.

This time, the lunatic humans brought home a squeeky, supple blue football (that is, an 'American' football)--wonderfully reminiscent of a small rodent! Oh, the joy!

My heart leapt when I saw it:

It seemed like an ETERNITY before my tormenting human allowed me to feel it in my teeth!

If you're not a terrier, you just don't understand ecstasy on this scale.

I'm getting better and better at this, I think!

And of course, the final simulated destruction of the BLUE BUSTERBALL--yes, I feel fulfilled! A dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do. I love my new toy! Anyone want to play?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Buster's Most Excellent Fourth of July

Hi folks... this here's the BUSTER at the lake for the 4th of July gram has these little people holding flags to celebrate -- man I feel like a giant next to them.

the BUSTER waiting for the big fish to come my way --

... of course my dad set me up with this and said to just be patient and the big one will take the bait.. i think he's pulling one of my legs...not fishes came my way.



Nope I didn't eat the others...we think maybe a snapping turtle got by one....late at night when the moon is bright....WATCH OUT!!! snap. oopsy...

SNOOOOOOOZING on the porch with ''bob''.





Looking for the shells that float by from the fire works...

I don't know if there are any down there....maybe that fish I was supposed to catch collected them all and the fish are having fireworks too!




Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Fine Art of Ear-Licking

Unspeakable things lurk within the ears of Kerry Blue Terriers!

That's why I, Buster the Wonder Dog, have appointed myself "Official Licker of Bailey's Ears." After all, she IS my dog-mom.

We do this whenever we can, and she seems to enjoy it. Must be some kind of bonding-experience.

Let me demonstrate the technique...You've gotta watch closely, 'cuz we Kerries are as dark as the inside of a blast-furnace, and this takes place on a white floor.

The result? Priceless!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Twinkster Tattles....

Hey Folks -- this here is Twinkie La Peche, the volaci-raptor*, coming to you from my spot in the house....
I see everything! I have for the last 10 years.
That little UPI blurb about the "monster"? The one in the previous post....
well.....psssst..... I personnaly, know who it is -- where it came from -- and -- where to find her.

Can anyone out there guess???? Geesh I gave you a hint!
You'll win a days worth of soaked seed if you guess it...!

the TWINKSTER signing off, and that's the way it is, Sunday, the very first day of July!

* AKA - the love bird that is also part of this crazeeee household!


We have a monster that lives under the glass table on our patio.

Sometimes you can hear it late at night.

Legend has it that it possesses a terrible thirst. It drinks everything in sight. The ancient Celts believed that these fearsome creatures would drink the Atlantic dry, if given the chance.

After it rains, the water that collects underneath our glass table-top magically disappears. We never knew quite how this happened--it was magic.

Then, we caught the creature red-handed! 'Twas the dreaded Sephalump, licking the table dry.

Mothers, guard your children!