Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Springtime Buddies and Other Sundries--by Buster

We like Springtime!
Lots of things and new friends come out to play....
My humomm especially does not like
when these little red oak catkins
come out and
my beard,
my legs,
my tail,
with these funny
little hitch-hikers!
They're everywhere!
in the house,
in my
on the driveway,
and stuck to my

There are only a few in this picture, because I had already rubbed my face all over the carpet......

But the humomm does like it when the turtles
swim by...
this little guy looks like one of our resident
turtles, "elmer", who lived in our house
for many years.
My human brother, Andy, was called "swims w/turtles"....
he would take "elmer" out in the water and they would
swim... "elmer" would go right up
to Andy's nose and didn't leave him, do turtles imprint?
Elmer was the size of a half dollar when
he came to live with us.

SHHHHHH quiet...see these tiny
We have to be quiet or they'll
flit away. May be Maggie and Mitche's dad
needs some of these for his barn raising?
They like to eat flying bugs and squeeterz.

Mr. Hawk...Sitting on the University roof!
out barn swallows!
oh oh...
he's a resident Hartford Hawk!
Do mascot's get paid to just
make an appearance?

This pretty rainbow came after the very nasty storm that
came flying through this week... The winds were
so bad -- that while everyone was gone
they broke our BIG umbrella
out doors on the deck.
It started out as a very pretty blue day
they found the umbrella upside down in the wisteria!

We went out looking for the pot of gold...didn't find it, yet.
Maybe next storm.

This is theBUSTER reporting on the latest
SPRINGtime happenings here in
bye for now,
theBUSTER, Ms.Blue & Ms.Persephone
relaxing in the sunshine!


Aksharaa said...

Hey Buster!That was a pawnderful post, full of life and color. we enjoyed it very much.That rainbow looks so beautiful..we see you had a grrrt day!

wags, buddy n Ginger

Sue said...

We have two big oak trees close to the house and we are all wearing those catkins now. Mom tries to pull them out before we get inside, but we have them on our big hairy feet , in our tails and on our ears. We like wearing them so much that we've been rolling in them.
The Porties

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh how we love the hawk!!!

Mom has a thing fur spotting them without even trying...

Thanks fur sharing the rainbow too!


K9 Knits said...

Love it! We have a new Kerry Blue Puppy Lucy Liu and randomly found your blog!

Thanks for sharing so many pictures! With such a rare breed, it's fun to see other Kerry Lovers! Also have a Wheaten named Seamus.

Nicole, Tim, Lucy & Seamus

Maggie and Mitch said...

Two barn swallows are already trying to take up residence at the Crump barn site, Buster! They think the top of the light bulb is a great place to raise a family! hummmmmmmmm
Your rainbow picture is just gorgeous!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch