Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Fishing Lesson from Big Bird--by theBUSTER

Today's lesson is on "Fishing"!
Fishing is "fun"...
Fishing is "fantastic"...
Fishing is easy if you follow the following instructions explicitly.

You must be able to recognize the fish you are fishing for.
I have an example of a "rainbow trout" right here between my paws.
This pretty fish is known as, Oncorhynchus mykiss, in latin....
These beeeeUtifull fisheeez are in the same group as my favorite fish,
the Salmon, but I digress, this is not
a food show... but wait maybe it is. Hold your fisheez, I mean
horses, read on.

This is "big bird", a tall feathered friend of mine that
lives, there, and everywhere. From this point on he
will be known as, BBBH--
Big Bird Blue Heron.

BBBH likes to blend into the landscape but we see him all of the time --
he can't hide from the Blue Dogs.. uhn uhn uhn.. we see
you BBBH.
It just happens to be dinner time (it's always dinner time)
and BBBH is scanning the surface of the water.

This is your first lesson in "Fishing"..sort of fish 101.
I am introducing you to BBBH the greatest fisherman of
Look at the intense looking that BBBH is
displaying to you. If you want to catch fish -- forget the
rod and reel and worms.. get out there and

HEEEE YAH! Caught one! gulllllp.

One little fishie, two little fishie.... just how many fish does
it take to
fill up a
I don't know either,
he's always fishing and eating and fishing

This looking thing seems to be catching on!
Red winged black birds look and wait
patiently too.

So are these little ones.
Hmmmmmmm. I must ponder.

Pondering takes a lot of energy, so I will close for now,
hope you enjoyed, Fisheez-101.

Ms. Blue


The Thundering Herd said...

The difference between us and BBBH?

BBBH is always fishing and eating, fishing and eating, fishing and eating.

We are always sleeping, eating and playing.


Frankie Furter said...

Last weekend my dad tried to catch those trout thingys. They are harder to catch than a squirrel.

Clive said...

We really loved that fishy post!

We have a heron that keeps coming into the garden and trying to eat our goldfish in the garden pond!

Great photos!

take care
Clive and the NSLM

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your BBBH comes to fish in our pond too, Buster! I guess he makes the rounds!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

K9 Knits said...

I just read more and watched more of your pups. SO CUTE!!! Are Kerry's known for barking?? Lucy is barking up a storm at Seamus in the same way your pups do :) Adorable and love the fish! We posted some video of Lucy & Seamus here:

K9 Knits said...

Well, so I measured the wiggly one and she is 16 inches so far from floor to top near shoulders. Is that good??

She's such a funny girl. And a complete snuggle bug! Taking her puppy nap in prep for the afternoon harassment session with Seamus! LOL! Hope Buster, Bailey and Persephene are having a great day! Love the looks for P's new backyard! The snow video was great!

Tail wags from Seamus & Lucy

Bogart said...

That first photo of you with the fish made mama spit iced tea out of her nose! (yes, that happens, and it's a good thing).


Sue said...

BBBH has one method, stand still and observe. We have another method, get in the water and chase those fish till they get tired, then grab them. Mom is worried that when her fish pond gets finished and she puts fish in it, we're having a fish rodeo. Grab those fishies and throw toss them down. Yum!!

Asta said...

Pewsephone and Bustew That fishy lectoowe one oh one was most infowmative..I will twy those methods next time i go fow my walk along the hudson wivew(I'm not suwe thewe awe any of those beeeootiful fishies in thewe , but i will look and obsewve acowding to instwuctions.

I hope you all take the twain to my house soon..iwill be waiting
smoochie kisses