Monday, January 26, 2009

EYES <---Does theBUSTER have them???

To all of our Blog-Buddies...

Ms. Persephone here, I will attempt to reply to Stanley's inquiry regarding whether or not Buster actually possesses eyes <------peepers, bedroom eyes, drooooopy eyes, you know that wonderful connection to the soul -- sort of like "dreamy brown eyes"?

I confess that this may be the question of the year...considering it's the beginning of the year , we'll hike it up to the # ONE question of the year! One that has perplexed Bailey, me, and others of the family for some time now.

We think that Buster has eyes, but according to the GOD/DOG all that hair in his "fall" is supposed to filter all the bad "stuff" and only allow the good "stuff" through.... That's an old Irish saying about the Irish dogs that possess a fall.
So in the spirit of scientific observation, we invite you to join us in an important piece of seminal research on the subject of theBUSTER eyes!

We all know that I, Persephone, the Dark Goddess of Hades and Empress of the Underworld, have eyes! They are quite striking, don't you think? My humom calls them "snappy black eyes".

According to my dog-mom, Ms. Bailey, she is
the original-snappy-black-eye-gurlie.
She does possess the set of peepers that has broken many a heart!

So it would follow, would it not, that Buster the Wonder Dog, my sibling, would have eyes, too! At least that's what Gregor Mendel thought.

So let's conscript a human camera-lackey and see if we can find them!

Field research! We shall embark upon a series of observations of the subject in his own habitat, using a carefully constructed double-blind* experimental model, factoring out the chance of false eye-sightings through the standard Chi Square test of the Null Hypothesis.

Observation Number One:

The subject is found in his ecological niche, performing a series of characteristic activities. The researchers draw closer and are fortunate to take a picture.

Do you see any eyes?
I see a smug-know-it-all-aura which seems to flow around the little bugger, but the eyes are still hidden behind the fall --- the massive veil of his fall.

Observation Number Two:
I see a little pink tongue there.
Gee, one would think the boy had never had a haircut in his life. Let it be known the humom trims...and trims....and trims some more every week or so.

Observation Number Three:
Yup a tongue <--------gee BUSTER you could touch your ears with that tongue.

Observation Number Four:
Well he must have eyes because he can find wilson. I guess that's not real scientific though.

Observation Number Five:

Still rather smug, theBUSTER is holding out on us <-----------notice that hint of a smile on his
beeeeeeUteeefull black-lippies!

Observation Number Six:
OK OK....stop writing about me... I'll explain this myself....I, theBUSTER, am in control! I have a very lush fall....and now I'm looking at YOU!!

Observation Number Seven:
Ho HuM... borrrrrring... what are these gurlies looking for anyhow?

Observation Number Eight:
DUH....of course I have eyes! S E E ?

Observation Number Nine:
Well then folks just come as close as you can!!! DO YA SEE IT????
HEY Stanley... you're my friend ....?
which scientifically one + one = TWO....
SNAPPY BLACK EYES...! That I see all sorts of wonderful things with... very clearly I must say.

A big hairy eyeball to you all....
theBUSTER & the silly scientists... Ms. Persephone & Ms. Blue

*Double-Blind in this context refers to the obvious fact that neither we nor Buster know precisely what we are doing.


Faya said...
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Faya said...

Et voilà comment on tombe amoureux d'un Kerry Blue Terrier....à cause de ses yeux ! Ahhhhh
Kisses, Faya

Bogart said...

Big beautiful brown eyes... yes indeed!


Poopsie aka Blue said...

Hi there!
Am in heaven two kerry Blue pups!

You are more than welcome to join True Colours Thursday - just leave another comment when your post is up.

Pats & pets

Maggie and Mitch said...

You most certainly do have eyes underneath that lucious fall! They're very pretty too!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...


Thank you for visiting our blog.
You look a fun pair of dogs with a very fun blog. We shall be back again soon to have a proper look around. :-)

Holly & Zac...XX

Noah the Airedale said...

Maties, of course you have eyes. How would you blog otherwise lol.
How are you coping with the extreme cold weather. We've seen lots of images on the news here.

Hope you're staying warm.