Saturday, January 24, 2009

Boredom Beckons!

Okay. Mom's been gone for five hours, and I declare that a State of Boredom exists in placid, subarctic Connecticut!

What does one DO here in January? Watch the icicles form?

At least our friends across the Pond are being treated to a breathtaking, destructive winter storm ravaging the Continent!

What do WE get? Icy calm!

The temperature's falling at about the same rate as the New York Stock Exchange, and Sephie tells me it should be zero degrees Kelvin by noon Monday. Makes you wonder what kind of idiots would voluntarily leave lovely, Roundhead-vexed England to come here in the days when the climate was even worse!

Ahhhhh....There IS a way to break through the fog of ennui! When the going gets tough, the tough get, well leaping !

Truthfully, this scares Mom, but she's mercifully basking her tush beyond the Arctic Circle. Dad lets me do this!

There are three steps on the stairway to the back deck. The trick is to clear all three in one easy stride without slipping on the ice. Here's what it looks like:

All right, I know the airedales aren't impressed, but I don't have moose-legs!

Now we go to PART II -- The outrageously annoying, Buster-soothing, Squeaky Blue Orb!

Gotta think of more boredom-breakers...Any ideas?

Oh--Happy Australia Day to all my buddies in the Land of OZ !!


Buster the Bored


Noah the Airedale said...

Matie, I'm impressed. You make bounding up those stairs look easy peasy. I on the otherpaw would stand at the bottom and wait for B to lift me and carry me up.

Thanks for the Aussie Day wishes too. Hanging out in the backyard, finding a shady spot to snooze and the occasional dip in the pond...ahhhh not a bad way to spend the day.


Faya said...

Quel saut ! Impressionant, même pour un airedale !
J'aime votre manière de vous ennuyer. Ca demande beaucoup de pratique ?
Bisous, Faya, noyée dans la neige !

Anonymous said...

Here is something what I do when I'm bored. I start looking mice everywhere from our house. From Jane's bed especially and under rugs of course, from every corner... after while Jane gets wants me to stop this so she gives me crunchy rabbit ear!!! And because we have this Felix mouse I can keep him eye on few ours so, you could ask your dad to buy for you a pet mouse! And remember to say him that you need it or otherwise you will go totally mad!!
Lots of kisses to all of you and good luck!


karensbrae said...

We have 2 rats in the boys bedroom they are great to watch!! Though he gets really annoyed if we go in too often.

These icicles are big!!

Stanley said...


You're amazing, man! I tend to like to clear all the stairs when I'm going down into the yard, but rarely do it on the way up! Believe it or not, I AM impressed.

Now for the boredom. I think a fun game all of us could play would be "Find Buster's eyes". I'm not sure I've ever seen your peepers in the midst of all that fuzz, buddy. Whatdya say? Could we have a peek and your peepers?

I'll see what else I can come up with. Where are Sephie & Bailey these days, by the way?

Goober love,

Maggie and Mitch said...

Wow! You are very graceful on your feet, Buster!
Our biggest thrill of the day is going for our walkie and thanks to these super cold temps, we never know what time we get to go! It's a surprise each day! We don't like surprises! We like routine!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Tibby said...

Hi Buster!
That was a great jump you made! I hope you find something fun to do soon! You could lick that big huge icicle! Just be careful your tongue doesn't get stuck!
:) Tibby