Monday, July 16, 2007

No no no... it's not about broccoli!

Hellllllooo every doggy out there...

This is Persephone!

I had to get to the 'puter before Bozo and try to save face...he thought it was about broccoli.... it's not about's about time capsules & dogs of the future.....guess they want to see how we survived the '00's . I had to 'splain this to the BUSTER! So now, me..., "I" ..., Persephone, must pick up the ball--or at least try to wrest it from the BUSTER.... (you all know how he is about balls!). are our additions for the time capsule:

#1. The BUSTER'S balls....Wilson tennis balls folks, at least a dozen for impact.
#2. One of my most cushy sleeping pillows covered in faux curlie sheep hair!
#3. Filled KONGS!... one filled with the best cream cheese and yummy biscuits and one filled w/peanut butter and many more biscuits.
#4. The BUSTER also needs to have a My Cat put in there so they know what cats are....
#5. A picture of "the Three Musketeers" -- Ms. Blue, Ms. Persephone & The BUSTER, wearing our best shamrock collars .....Goooooooo, Irish blue dogs!!! whooo0OOO0 ooo0Oooo

There are many other things, but I tried to narrow it down.


Oscar Airedale said...

Glad you sorted Bussie out Sephie! Nice picks, not sure I could bear to put my stuffed Kong in there, too yummy!

Oscar x

Ume said...

oh! no more veggie tag?
i had been tagged for time capsule as well!

fee said...

this is the best list ever, perse!