Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Milkweed Collection--by Buster

Hi folks, I'd like to share my poofee-fuzzy friends with you.... I saw some parachuting along -- so I followed them.
These very strange pods hold millions of beeeeeUteefull delicate parachutes, that carry little bitty seeds on the breeze. Of course sooner or later they need to land -- and sometimes they land
on YOU!

I just think the way they are all lined up in their pod, is very nice.. warm....white fuzzeeez!

I've got to be careful they don't land on my tongue.. oh NO not my TONGUE~ !

Check this one out.. the little fluoofs are taking off from the mother pod, getting ready to float on the wind to a new spot....that needs milkweed pods.
HmmmmMMMMmmm wonder if they taste good. Might get to try one if I leave my tongue lollllling out a bit more.

Loooookie that.. they're all lined up just like the parachuters in the movies.. We're goin' down!
They're fluffy not stuffy, if one flies this way...............welllllllll.....My tongue wants to check these floooofs out realllllly badly.

Hey.. thanks for checking these little fella's out.. psssssssst I took one in the house and it PoPPed open -- does that mean I'll have a whole bunch of little baby milkweek podlings growing in the yard? I must check it out!

You know these things are going to be all over the placed, Ms.Blue wants to make a
scarf out of them so she can be fluffy like them. Maybe she'll be able to fly!!!

See how very soft and translucent these little podlings are. They need good homes, we'll try and catch you a really neat one..

Oops... this is a very strange looking one.. no pod. Hmmmm looks like something from the ocean.

Not milkweed! This is the seed pod of a wild clematis vine.

I am now a connoisseur of PODS....w/flooofy flying friends... HAH! Here's another of my flooofy flying friends..

Mallard reflecting upon the reflections..... ah welll I'm a bit tired.

I must sleep now, goodnight floofs......g'night all,

Happy dreams,

theBUSTER, Ms. Persephone, & Ms.Bailey Blue


Maggie and Mitch said...

Hey, Buster!
Do these milkweed pods taste anything like cotton candy? We just had our first smidge of it not long ago and it tasted pretty good!
What gorgeous photos!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sue said...

Our Mom says she used to play with milkweed pods, but we've never seen any. Tell your to fly our way. We'd like to grow milkweed. We already have clematis.

Pretty sunset.