Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Frost

It's here. It's real. It's cold.

Makes ya want to eat raw meat and howl!

I LOVE Autumn! Lots of new scents in the air...little animals foraging...stuff keeling over dead everywhere. Makes a dog feel alive!

Milkweed pods! One of my very favorite things. Crunchy, messy, and good for the gums!

Frost on my Wilson! There's nothing like the taste of a cold, wet Wilson. And it splits in two much easier.

Frosted hosta--what a wonderful place to lift my leg!

And formations of Canadian Honkers carpet-bombing unsuspecting humans from a thousand feet up! It stimulates the imagination.

Miss Persephone shuffles about unamused.

Sumac! Nothing gets redder, except for Mom when she catches me grabbing a loaf of fresh bread off the stove!

Ms. Blue quietly rips the flesh off a coatimundi. She has talent.

A sugar maple blushes in front of the art school...

Ms. B. settles in for an autumnal power-nap...

Bittersweet berries turn bright orange and red, cracking with the frost.

And I, Buster the Wonder Dog, contemplate the wonders of Nature and my general good fortune to be a part of it. Last night, the Dad-Lackey took me for a walk, and I quickly detected the scent of VERMIN! With a single-minded intensity, I tracked the vile creature, never lifting my eyes from the ground. It was my destiny to find it, destroy it, and save Western Civilization! Unfortunately, my human servant caught sight of something galloping toward us but failed to warn me. He watched as Ms. Fox sat down fifteen feet away from my snuffling snout, cocked her head to one side, and observed me with detached curiosity. At length, she cocked her head to the other side, nodded sadly, and trotted off. I heard this second-hand, as I was busy tracking a fox. Dad said she was one hot young lady with a beautiful, bushy tail, and she was trying to flirt with me. I'll never know.

Ah, autumn!




Maggie and Mitch said...

We love autumn as much as you do, Buster, but we've never had a milkweed pod to crunch on. We're feeling deprived here!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Faya said...

Oh oui l'automne est merveilleux avec toutes ces magnifiques couleurs... Vous nous avez manqués et Véronique a promis de venir vous lire plus souvent....Ici il fait 2°C le matin.....c'est froid.
bisous, Faya

Sue said...

We had our first frost this weekend. We want to play outside all day now that it's cool, but Mom makes us come in now and then for naps. There's a skunk roaming around our neighborhood and we'd like to meet him, but Mom says absolutely not!!

Clive said...

Frost already!

We loved your autumn post! That milkweed sounds very interesting!

take care

Persephone and Buster said...

just a note on meeting skunks.....not a good idea -- best to keep them way far away -- i think your mom knows best.
theBUSTER, MS.Persephone and Ms.Blue too.