Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Peg LegBUSTER & Ms.Persephone's latest escapade and nurse BLUE

theBUSTER here,
several weeks back the Kerrys decided things were to boring for the humomm... so we all kind of had "issues" -- UH, all at the same time! This really is a first, we are hardly ever "under the weather", but, tack on a scheduled visit to the vet for Ms.Persephone, and Ms. Blue's pancreatitis (which is pretty much "cured") and it just started the ball rolling for the week!
Ms. Persephone came home from the vets after a sleep over, and has several little stitches down in the nether region -- a ZIPPER! She also had orders to lay low and
be quiet! <-----HAH, like being quiet will happen!!! she's been giving me all sorts of "hairy eyeballs". She thinks her visit was my fault or something -- harumph. The humomm said I have to be nice to her so....I'm being a nice sympathetic brother--taking toys to the Kerry Sofa so she can have company...and just trying to be really quiet.

I woke up after Sephie came home, with a sore foot (and I
was limping), the humomm thought I had a real problem this time
( I have been licking at my foot).
She couldn't see anything, except I did not want her touching my foot <------after all, it is MY foot and I'm ticklish!
(he's also a baby! P.)
Well she put me on the table and took out the BUZZZZZERS and proceeded to de-hair my tootseee! Lookie here...a HOLEY foot! Ouch.The humomm said, "If that hair is coming off I'd rather do it myself!". Now what exactly did she mean by that?

Then she soaked it

and slapped some yellow stuff on it with a little pad

and stuck a sock on it and then wrapped it.

She knew I would lick that yellow stuff <----that humomm just knows to much about me, I can't get away with anything! So I did lay low....and didn't move much, my tootseeee HURT!

She called my doctor and ratted on me... then got medicine at CVS and said they were anteeee bI awe ticks...(pretty red capsules)and tapped them down...saying "swallllllow!" I had to do that two times a day, for a week! Of course I had to soak the tootseeee two times a day too.

How boring is that. It's rough being me....and being wounded in action....and not being able to play ball outdoors or chase squirrels... (he is being pathetic! I had to go "UNDER the knife!" P.) So I limped around for as long as I could stand it....

I did start to feel a little better though, had to be the red pills.
I FEEL GOOD! da dee da deedadee dah!!!
But not for long....
The humomm, being "in charge".... just what makes her think she's in charge????
OH...ahhhh...Ms.Blue just told me -- she controls the Wilsons and the food....
uh, I guess she's in charge.
Anyhow she put me up on the grooming table and put the "noose" around my neck and decided to make sure there weren't any other HOLEY HOLES... she just wanted another real close look at "MY PAW" .... "MINE MINE MINE...not yours.. do NOT touch puleeeeeze.....
ah well she did touch it...then she buzzed all the hair off and made me a poodley foot .....then OMG she touched MY PAW! again... heavy sigh...she did say she didn't think I would loose the foot<-----now what does that mean??? Huh..I mean, that's my foot it's attached, how could I loose it? To much excitement ...touching my foot, wearing sox, taking medicine.... I decided to take a nap ---------->

The humomm took this "nap" picture -- it is "real" -- no trick photography involved...I mean this silly boy dog is OUT LIKE A LIGHT -- why his butt and feet are still in the bed is just not know!
I, Ms. Blue, decided to get into the picture too
and walked over him about 5 times!!! way weird!

ZONKED------------------> ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

shhhhhhhh he's sleeping.
So that's the late update on the HOLEY FOOT BATMAN.....
Ms. Blue.....I had to pick up the story the other two were just to tired.

PEEEE Esssss ... theBUSTER is "cured", he's been running around and the HOLEY HOLE is now all better (but the poodley foot is still a source of giggles). Ms.Persephone's "zipper", was a short lived inconvenience ....she is back to her old self and doing mahvelous...
MOI ? I'm actually doing lots better. Ms.Blue -- spokesDOG for theBLUES.


Sue said...

We've had some foot issues, too. I think they're allergy related. We've been doing foot soaking and antibiotic ointment between the pads. Everyday we line up for our allergy pills.

Glad you're feeling better.Poodley foot goes away by itself.

Habca und Miriam said...

Oh you poor guys. I think you werejust brave. Me, too, I hate my foot being touched. I never had a Zipper in my stomach, you think she has swallowed it? What is this about being "under a knife"?


Noah the Airedale said...

Never a dull moment right pals. Buster mate, the sock treatment suits you very well hehe. Glad you got to rest up so that you're all better. Ms Sephie, hope you're feeling ok after your zipper inconvenience.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Faya said...

Comme je vous comprends. Je n'aime pas que l'on me touche les pattes. Dyos lui il adore ça....il doit être fou !
Bisous, Faya

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