Thursday, May 28, 2009

TRUE COLORS THURSDAY ---->COBALT ---the principe azzurro speaks on blue.....

This is Thursday and it's TRUE COLORS DAY with Miss Blue....

COBALT is the color of me...I am a COBALT BLUE DOG......

......many years ago in Eire...there were many soft-haired blue dogs...
They were known as the Blue Dogs of Ireland.

the Blue dogs were verrrrry cute.
there were also blue nosed sheep......

and a few other
blue kinda
animals, such as
a football
blue dog.......
------------------------>In the spring the blue dog also played with his very extensive collection of Wilson's...which also were........ COBALT BLUE, of course!

<------- The blue balls bounced higher -- looked very pretty
allowed the COBALT BLUE DOG an edge in his game.
What exactly was the edge???
Let me think a minute...ok...I've got it!!!

The opponent couldn't see the balls against our very beeeeeUteeeefulllll Principe Azzurro...
because he was also BLUE!
Kewl huh?
So as the story continues... (this is just a little loooooose, sort of a turn...uh a 'U' turn in the story......)
The very beeeeeUteeeefullllBlue dog takes a short walk down his street & finds a place that has a rainbow!

---------------------------------> there in front of his beeeeeeUteeeefullllll brown eyes is
a very lovely spot that reminds him
of his dolce LuciaHHHHHH......!
at the end of the rainbow
is a waterfall.
Now you are probably asking why the waterfall???
the answer is:
uh...we're not sure except the Principe Azzuro
was certain his bella Luciahhhhhhhh would
like to see it so it's in there....sort of like ragu.

Ahhhhhh yes...back to the story .......
Oh darn, the gurls have found me out...they know I'm posting
now they need to get their 2¢
Alrighty then, this is Persephone, I've pushed theBUSTER out of the way
and I'm posting a very nice photo.......
I like guys in skirts...!
but if you look closely those bagpipes have Cobalt Blue Tassels on
them.... and that's what MOI, wanted you all to see.

In comes the matriarch, Ms. Blue.
She will not be excluded,
would like you to see some
neat buddies of hers (they remind
her of "Uncle Clancey the Wheaten).

The theme is now....Highland.
I've gone into my
collection of
animals from
the Highlands...
I have found my HighLANDcoooooooows.............
These will be a lovely addition to the post....
they have
TaTToos on...
they are
How 'bout that children?????
Bowing low Ms.Blue acknowledges the applause.

I have been pushed off my chair....
by the BLUE DOG himself,
UHHHHH we have run out of time....
is one of the favorite colors here at our BLUE house...
we have a ceiling that's a copy of a COBALT blue ceiling w/gold stars in the Bargello, in Florence....
uh...ok.. that's for another post....
that's the way it is on this lovely
COBALT day...
the gurls.


Sue said...

I have recurring dreams of a denim
blue colored dog. Since I've never met one I think I'll have to make one. I like blue dogs. My PWDs have blue skin. It's neat.

Asta said...

Deew Pwincipe Azuwwo! Pewsephone and Ms BLue!
I think cobal is a beeootiful colow..youw house must be dweamy wif all you blues in it! I'm suwe that dolce Lucia will love the wainbow.
I love Evewyone's cheewed me wight up
smoochie kisses

Asta said...

Pleez tell Ms Pewsephone that she is welcome to come on any of my wides anytime!!!
and so awe the west of you.
Hope you had a good day
smoochie kisses

Noah the Airedale said...

Cobalt is the absolute pawfect colour for you guys.

Noah x

Clive said...

The Blue Dogs of Ireland - very interesting!!! We'll keep looking!!

Great cobalt post - really enjoyed it!

Clive and gang