Saturday, March 21, 2009

Persephone's Springtime story for today is.......

Well all you spring she is.. Ms. Spring herself "Persephone"...oh and the dude
giving her a hug -- wellllll that's Hades, he's stealing her away to the underworld to be his
loving wife. Now one would think that was an interesting state of affairs, but her mom, Demeter, isn't so happy about this. Hades isn't exactly the stellar son-in-law, and also the underworld kind of contradicts everything about Persephone. So -- the deal is, Persephone can marry Hades but only if she can come back to our world for at least some of the time. i.e. winter she disappears down into the underworld and spring she emerges and brings flowers and all things fecund (you know rebirth, etc)... so then you get all the flowers and new growth etc... which is SPRINGTIME IN PEOPLE TERMS!

So our little spring chicky is, our very own, Ms. Persephone, born on April 13th 2003....not exactly the first day of spring, but she is indeed the Dark Empress of Hades -- in more ways then one.

Notice the cute smile, dreamy eyes, long flowing beard and the curls...oh the curls<------we are a bit on the odd side -- now who has the active inner life?

Still we all would like to wish you a very happy

v e r n a l e q u i n o x
άνοιξη • primavera
весеннее время


From us:
theBUSTER, Ms. Persephone & Ms. Blue too!

a very l o n g peeeeee esssss:

SCHEDULE: 1st ferry outta hell leaving in 60 seconds -- reservations available at: 666•666-6666-charon's-ferry-service-outta-hell.

here's our very own river Styx..........Persephone got safe to the other side, saying "Who0OO0o0OO0
--So long, Charon*-- see you in the fall!!!"

*see that little guy way down at the end of the river....that's the Boatman.

Another pee ess:
Addendum to the previous revelation of almost fact -- Just another apocryphal story attributed to Homer, whose origins remain rather murky...

When Persephone was granted her wish to return to Earth to usher in the season of flowers and fecundity, Hades’ faithful dog, Cerberus, wanted to go too. Someone had to dig the holes to plant the flowers, and Cerberus was excited. However, Zeus had decreed that no three-headed dogs were to be allowed on Earth. It tended to upset the natives. But—Persephone interceded, and Zeus allowed Cerberus to go with her on the provision that each of his heads would inhabit the body of a different dog.

Therefore, one of Cerberus’ heads dwelt in the body of Persephone herself. Another inhabited the body of Busteros, renowned scourge of badgers and chipmunks. And a third came to dwell within the petite frame of Baeliboppus, the canine sibyl and enchantress who forecast the futures of penitent humans at the Oracle of Delphi.

enough for today we are once again,

theBUSTER, Ms. Persephone & Ms. Blue too! signing off to go enjoy a day out of doors!!


Faya said...

Ici aussi nous célébrons le printemps mais avec des crèmes glacées ! Ice-cream caramelo !!!
Véronique's mother is born on April 13th too (...and Véronique on the 9th and the Man on the 8th.)April is a very expensive month for us....
Bisous au gôut caramel, Faya

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hehe, what a great post :D educational too, but that ferry ride outta hell looks scarier than hell! And that due in the bit about Homer, is that Hades?....well his feet tell porky-pies! Hahaha!
Happy Spring guys n gals!
Slobbers xx

Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy spring, guys! Has Ms. Persephone put her order in for hamburgers and ice cream yet?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lucia said...

Ciao amici!

theBUSTER, hide the pomegranates and the ferry pass from your bellissima sorella, per favore -- enough winter, already!!

I'm a smidge confused: if Persephone is Ms. Bailey Blue's daughter, and Persephone's mom is Demeter ... does that make Ms. Blue the KBT the original earth dog earth mother? Santa vacca! That's too much for my piccola limone noggin' to comprehend...!

Tanti baci!

Noah the Airedale said...

As always, you guys are just a excellent source of informatiion. Thanks pals for a very interesting post.
Hope you enjoy Spring. We're having some very warm Autumn weather. It's more like summer!!


Sue said...

Happy spring from the Portuguese contingent.