Sunday, March 1, 2009

Persephone sez we need Spring already!!! Please let it be Spring.......

NO MORE POMEGRANATES!! <------that was in a post from one little aireegurl so we decided to take the time to address this issue.
Persephone here.... commenting on this "spring thing" -- the vernal equinox really isn't until the 21st of March but hey... we're just jumping the gun -- we need to feel the sun on our blue curls and enjoy the warmer air that's not from the heater (no no no <-----dries out our curls and we don't want that!). Just like everyone else I'm ready to get out there and plant some flowers in the gardens with my humomm.... she needs to feel the dirt in her fingernails. So for my humomm and dogmomm and all the other "Moms" out there I have searched through the multitudinous flower files for pictures that the humans have collected. We've got flowers -----> blue flowers!
Of course blue is part of
our name so we reallllly
had to have these
in the
These blue hydrangea were from last year but here's some wild color from this year and they
grew in the living room...! I
sort of got a bit confused with these growing like this in the living room but my humomm's friend sent them
to us for
This blossoming in the winter with snow on the ground wellllllll...the humomm did reassure me that ... yes! that was indeed snow outdoors and these flowers don't mean it's spring yet....
But almost.

Some of my humomm's favorites are all sorts of morning glories.. she has them grow all over the fence. She gets up pretty early to see them when they start growing like crazy.

They bloom all
through spring and
summer and into

Here's a Persephone special...Pink!

Another Pink one is the hibiscus....

So by now you can see how much influence I have
on the humans....Pink Pink Persephone Pink...

K..... pretty PINK....

ok... I'll try and find other ones... I just wanted to flood my blog buddies with PINK.

Here's a dangerous-pretty-flower.... it has very
Thornapple is one of the plants you don't want to "eat" or "munch" on... it's in the datura family and acts much as belladona does, it's rather hallucinagenic .
There's a story in history that settlers in Jamestown Settlement gave it to the English soldiers during Bacon's rebellion to make them a bit crazy and sick.... POOF!!
The humomm didn't have these anywhere where us 4 legged creatures could get into them so we're just naturally crazy.

We had lots of other pretty flowers too......

A couple of Dahlias----------------->

I really
like the
it had HUGE flowers so you didn't need to many to make a bouquet.

Then we had daylilies
here are a couple of
my favorites
these are
"CUTE" -- just like moi.

The Day Lilies
were planted
humom would have color
in the front garden all
season long so
I have to reallllllly search
for pictures of these.
There were some real
pretty ones this
past year
& then
she went to a day lily farm in New Hampshire... Need I say more?

I can't wait to see some of the ones
she bought. Some didn't have any
flowers on them. Some looked
pretty pathetic.
Like -- will these
really have
But when they come up in the spring it
will be spectacular! I think so anyhow if they
all survived
OK....we can't finish this without the

I started with these pretty flowers some BLUE! some PINK.... and some white
with big snowballs..

The humomm did these encaustic paintings for a client who wanted that particular flower so these are part of a grid of 9, paintings that are hung next to each other to make a whole.

Too all my blog buddies.. enjoy the flower & garden pictures -- every spring is a surprise
around here...

Pretty soon
we'll be
able to get
about ... outside.

The latest weather report is not saying the weather will be very SPRING-like tomorrow... it
looks like there is a N'oreaster heading towards us here in the north east starting tonight
and going into

OH BOY!!! It's
like there
will be
another day added to our weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We'll have the
humomm here

So I will be signing off and hiding out
for just a few more weeks...
just until
& it's time for me to EMERGE..

• P E R S E P H O N E •
T h e D a r k E m p r e s s O f H a d e s !


Amber-Mae said...

Looks like Spring has already started over there!

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Lovely flower photo's. We are looking forward to Spring as well.

Spring and Summer means lots more outdoor play for us and also beach play! Yay..

Holly & Zac...XX

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your post is making us smile, guys! We can't wait for pretty flowers to bloom! Now to get rid of this 10" of snow!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Faya said...

Mes amis si vous voyez le printemps, attrapez-le et envoyez-le chez nous ! Merci beaucoup d'avance..
bisous, Faya

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Your spring comes sooner than ours... We don't have spring at least in 1 ½ month! Well until that I might take a long sleep....

Kerrykisses for all of you


Sally said...

Nice to meet ya!! We have a buddy Kerry Blue at our doggie park, he is a looker.
Momma has been to Connect-a-dog before, she says it was lovely. We are now in another "winter snow" blowing drifts waist high.
Drop by again, we love the pics.
Sally and Rufus

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Oh Sephie....thanks so much for sharing all those beautiful blooms with us....they're lovely! Mother is NOT a keen gardener....(mainly cos we are, teehee!) but she does love flowers and can't wait for Spring....hurry up already!!
Slobbers xx

Anonymous said...

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