Sunday, October 14, 2007

Persephone Returns to the Underworld...

Well, actually, Seffie has a vivid inner life. Being Demeter's daughter, she's acutely attuned to the change of season. Legend has it that, as a condition of her ransom from Hades' subterranean realm each spring, she must return to the domain of her captor when the flowers fade.

Oh, this is so tedious! What's a girl to do?

The first tell-tale sign is the SMELL of Autumn...

Fallen leaves, mortal things...

The Morning Glories are losing their glory...

Persephone's garden is beginning to fade.

Well, when faced with an inevitable forced-march to the realm of the Dead, one must look one's best! A bath and a pedicure!

Lounging in front of the electric heater does wonders to improve one's mood. And the result is quite extraordinary don't you think? Aren't I pretty?

Okay, let's wander outdoors and have some fresh, eviscerated chipmunk!

I'll dream of the return of the lilies in the spring. It can't be too long...

And my garden will be better than ever!

Ah--I think it's time for a nap!

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Caz said...

You are a gorgeous kerry blue, and stunning after your bath.
my name is Ludo
We saw that you had given our new friend Habca a award he does derserve it.
Hope we can be friends too.
Your blog is very cool.
Ludo and Caz