Saturday, June 16, 2007


The sheep...the farm ...the dog it's all about the dog! Here's the first instinct test at Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm -- Note the breathtaking agility and persistence of the Kerry Blue Terrier. Scotty, give me Warp Factor Seven! This folks, is Ms. Bailey Blue commonly known as Ms. Blue aka Buster's mom. She thinks sheep are just fantastic and would like to make this her ''job'' forever. Unfortunately we have no pics of Buster moving the sheep...because the humomm was the one working with Buster... and his human sister was not in attendance to take the pictures.. BUT...we will show some of the sheep later today....Oh not to forget.......we do have Buster the Wonder Dog working a "Wilson" ------------->
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-------->"Hi" to all my ''blog buddies'' -- this is a game I play in my back yard --alllllldaylong..... It's called "BusterBall." Dad tosses the tennis ball -- my Humomm tosses the tennis ball -- My Hugramma tosses the tennis ball and of course my human brother and sister....they all have opposing thumbs which seems to be a necessity until I get me one of those tennis ball throwers they use at the ''Club" -- my humomm says something like " in your dream bozo" -- dunno what exactly that means....but it doesn't sound like the fed ex truck will be delivering one anytime soon.... anyhow to get back to the "Buster Ball"...It's also called 'buster Bopp" -- notice the fluid way I "bop" the ball into the air....that's one of the rules I made up...keep the ball in play for as long as possible...and move it from one side of the yard to the other and back again....sort of like herding sheep! This will go on for as long as those lazy humans can throw "Wilson"...


Maggie said...

Darn, the videos aren't working for me! I'll have to stop back later!
Happy father's day to your dad!

Love ya lots,

Putter said...

Hi Buster! Hi! Hi Sephie! Hi!

OMG, what great videos! I hope I get to meet sheep sometime!

About my WUBBA! I love WUBBA so much that I will never eat him! I need to leave some toys intact so I have something to do in my free time --- PLAAAYYYY!!!!

Talk to you both soonest!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Habca & Miriam said...

This sheep-video is great, though we do pity the sheep a bit. Are you both learning to work with them, or is it just a test? I think I could like that, too, though my people think I might bite them... you don't, do you?

Persephone & Buster said...

hi habca and miriam... that's my mom ms. blue.. she is just learning too. actually it was an instinct test and she passed it with flying colors...
you would like moving the sheep...tell your people the shepherd wouldn't let you eat his sheep.. they have their ways of telling you it's not a good mover... so go have some fun...
your friend,
the buster.

Persephone & Buster said...
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Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, that sheep chasing looks like hard work. The tennis ball game is more my thang!

Oscar x