Thursday, June 14, 2007

Okay, Mom--Can you help me update this blog?

Ya know, it's AWFULLY hard to type with paws! I'm so proud of myself--I'm a sheep-herding professional! But I need those pictures you took at Raspberry Ridge. Can ya post 'em?



Dad took these pix after I got home and got scrubbed up. It was so good to get back to my favorite toys!

This is my favorite: "My Cat!" He and I have quite a relationship. After a long, hard day of striking fear into an innocent herd of lambs, there's nothing better than dragging "my cat" around the house.

Ah...Couch! I'd forgotten how good this could be!

This is my good old buddy, Possum! We spend hours together. He doesn't seem to mind if I chew on his tail.
Marsupials rule!

No day is complete without Wabbit. You'd probably be surprised at my collection of friends, but my human Mom is very indulgent, and she makes sure that I collect the whole set! Things are always okay when you have lots of vermin to play with.

Okay, here's one more--sorry it's so grainy, but Sephie was holding the camera, and it was her first shot of ME, the MASTER BALL-CATCHER, retrieving my beloved yellow Wilson tennis ball. Ah, bliss!


Oscar Airedale said...

That is a nice collection of animals Buster! Looking forward to seeing your sheep herding photos!

Oscar x

Putter said...

Hi Buster! Hi!

Super greatest toys Buster! I particularly like possum! Only thing is I EAT stuffed toys so a possum would not last long around here:)! Hurry with those sheep herding pics, okay?

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)