Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to Eat an Elephant--by Buster

I. Find an elephant.

II. Turn gently; examine; cultivate an appetite.

III. Savor the ears.

IV. Apply jaws of death to entire circumference of pachyderm.

V. Chew on head.

VI. Stretch; take a break; cleanse palate with sorbet.

VII. Meditate upon meal; achieve Zen-like state of Elephant-Mindfulness.

VIII. Evaluate the experience and its tangible results; award trois étoiles to restaurant!

IX. Retire to drawing room for rolled Havanas; allow Bailey to steal show.

Votre rapporteur fidèles,



Khyra, Khousin Merdie, And Sometimes Her Mom said...

So, do they taste like chikhken?

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Frankie Furter said...

You give most excellent directions. A most fine example of a HOW TO manual. Thank you.

Lucia said...

Ciao bello Busterigo!!

I, Lucia, am so very wildly impressed with your hunting skills, oh dearest blue one! And I am even more bowled over by your generosity and consideration ... sharing your Horton with your mama!! Dolce Busterigo!!Muahhh!!!

How are you and the divine Miss BB? And how is your bellissima sorella, Sephie? La mia ragazza has promised me that we will get back to the bloggieverse more routinely now with posts and comments, and I am determined to hold her to that. Keep your paws crossed ....!!!

Tanti bacci e abbracci!!

Sue said...

Great job with the elephant. He won't hear you coming next time.

Mom says chipmunk guts probably aren't in good taste. We told her they sound like they'd taste wonderful. She still thinks an article of clothing would be better for Bandana Day. Please join us.
Morgan, Tsar and The Porties