Saturday, October 11, 2008

Buster's Testosterone-Laden Male Bonding Experience

Hey, Bloggers! It's Buster the Outdoor Adventure Dog here. Today, the women-folk all departed on a long errand, leaving just me and m' dad!

So I hopped in the trusty PT Cruiser..

And drove Dad to the nearest flyshop!

He was muttering something like, "I'm out of 8X tippet and there's going to be the Mother-of-All Caddis hatches tonight."

Then we stopped at Agway...

"Why?" you ask. Well, 'cuz I asked him to! There's a madness to my method.

The gullible soul emerged with a "Chubby Buddy" mouse. I like the idea of eliminating the chase and getting right to the meal.

Now, I don't NORMALLY take my meal from the dashboard. But I was hungry.

Oh, Bliss!

In truth, I came to like the little fellow, so I held him tight all the way back.

My mountain was getting its autumn cloak of colors. We could just see Bailey's castle at the upper left.

Home, sweet home! But first, one VERY IMPORTANT errand...

Now, that felt better! Remember, this was a "male" bonding experience.

Dad left for the Farmington River, in my favorite town of Barkhamsted...

I wasn't allowed to go, 'cuz Mom was afraid I'd be eaten by a bear. But she let Dad go.

The sun went down...

And thousands of tan-colored tricoptera emerged from the depths and swarmed upstream. Life was good.

As the sun set, the deer shook their heads in sympathy as the crazed river-dweller headed home.

I was there, waiting to listen to the fish stories!




Faya said...

Hahahaha Dad ose y aller malgré les ours et pas toi ! Comme elle t'aime ma Mamy !!!!
Quelle magnifique vue vous avez, c'est splendide !
Bisous, Faya

Maggie and Mitch said...

That's one cute mousie stuffie, Buster! Is he still in one piece?
What beautiful scenery your dad saw while he was catching your fishie dindin!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Bogart said...

Coolarama - I love the way you have your dad trained :)


Putter said...

OMG! Buster! What a greatest ever day! I still can't believe you weren't allowed to go to the RIVER! OMG! Who would have been there to watch your Dad get EATEN by the bear???? Let me know your thoughts on this okayest ever!!!!!!! OMG!


Putter ...!