Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the Buster & ms. sephie give thanks.....

So here's the "little bitty turkey" the humans got ...
with LOTS of the stuff they call stuffing...
We get the turkey (of course ) and they get the stuffing...and the squash, and we get broccoli trees,and more turkey, and they get the pies...
What is wrong with this picture?
Exactly what are these pies they speak of?
Talking about giving thanks....

I, ME, the BUSTER, would like to give thanks to my best family, humans & dogs,
I'm thankful for all my best buddies here
in cyber-space too!
for balls,
I WILSONS, squeakers, and penns balls!
MORE thanks,
to my very special humans, who bring BALLS
from the

They have to go to the store so much
talking about all things
BLUE.... (was I doing that?)
My very special BLUE squeaker BALLS just don't seem to make it
to long around here now that it's cold....
my humomm says,
"jack frost got 'em".
LOOOOKIEEEE at what that
jack frost did to my squeaker!

it's got a
big old HOLEY HOLE...!
looks like it's crying out HOLEY MOLEY I GOT A TOOTH!

Here's ms. sephie
we call it: "comtemplating on the BLUE chair....."
we don't
know exactly what she is
but if you knew sephie, she's very exact....
it's gotta be that turkey she's waiting for

Just an example of what happens after eating turkey...
ms. blue shows us how she
takes her "turkey snooze" very seriously...
and she has
no idea
what is happening outside
right now!
Psssst...check it out.

I told her to go watch what the silly humans were doing...
and then stole the pillow-- HEE HEE HO HO HO..
(oopsy... we're not supposed to say HO HO HO it's not p.c.)

So this is what they did...
in the flowerless garden.
You see that big RED bag????
The humans said it was a "santa paws bag".
They also said that it will be full of WILSONS!!!
I can't wait.. I can't wait...when's
he coming??????????
Guess I've got to wait -- until December 25th.....
I'm waiting........


I'M still WAITING....
It's getting a little chilly
this is when the badgers and bears come out......ooooooo
WHERE ARE YOU?????????
gotta go----------->
signing off for now,


Maggie & Mitch said...

You need to be on the lookout for this Jack Frost person that ruined your ball, Buster! That sure wasn't very nice!
What beautiful decorations! That's a pretty big bag on that sleigh! I hope balls are spilling out over the top for you and Sephie come Christmas morning!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Cassidy said...

Me likes ball balls a lot too. Me hopes me gets lots of ball balls from Santa if me be a good girl.

Cassidy x

Faya said...

Oh.... poor ball..... I hope Santa will bring you a lot of balls....but you will have to wait and wait and wait....a little bit...
Kisses, Faya

Pacco de Mongrel said...

tat turkey is so huge...

n that was a lovely santa's carriage

Stanley said...

Hey, Blues!!

That turkey looked like some mighty fine eatin'. I see you got your fill. Very niiiice.

Hope you get lots of Wilsons and Penns and squeakies from Santa Paws!!

Just what WAS Persephone contemplating in the blue chair?

Goober love,