Friday, May 18, 2007

WhoooOOOooooo we got some new friends.....the whooo's. Ms. Cindy Lou Who and her partner Maxx are now part of the kerry pack .... they're little Owl Finches (bicheno finches). I, Buster, have personally checked them out -- decided they are OK...not Irish though -- Australian. They live in a little stick nest and make little noises....did I mention they're little...even tinier then ''twinkie'' the love bird. I LOVE twinkie, my sister wants to eat him. She's such a Kerry.


Jackson said...

Hey you two, just dropping by to say hello. I'm a Wire Fox Terrier and I live in the UK. Why don't you drop by and sign my guestbook? Terriers rule! J x

Maggie said...

Cindy Loo Who and Maxx are just beautiful! What fabulous markings on them!

Love ya lots,