Sunday, May 20, 2007

spring cleaning in kerry - land...

THE GROOMING TABLE HAS BEEN HAULED UP TO THE DECK!! this means we are in deeeeep doo appears the hu-momm has decided it's time to chop hair (that's why she gave us the baths the other day). we are all trying to stay as
far away from the deck as possible -- a little hard considering we just walk out the door and there it is... mebbe we can hide under the shed....... uh uh... they kerry proofed that the last time persephone was ''missing''... she decided to tunnel on under that shed and only poked her nose out AFTER everyone went ''general quarters'' all over the neighborhood looking for that curlie gurlie.. silly sephie....
oh yeh.. the grooming table -- sorry i got a little side tracked there.
she got me (buster) first.... out came da scissors and the brushes and combs.. arghghghghgh but i gotta admit
that hu-momm is fast.... she scissored me... then grabbed persephone aka sephie blue...and got her curls all heading one way.. and then.....she nabbed our mom, ms. blue.......she falls asleep on the table.. but once she's off!!!_ watch out!! she is spring loaded and butt tucks her way all over the yard. just don't get in the way of ''the pocket kerry''... she may be small but she is loaded with energy and we get outta the way fast when she's winging around.
so it was a three-dog haircut kinda day around here....but boy are we lookin' gooooood!
the buster


Maggie said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh I wanna see pictures! I bet you all look just beautiful!

Love ya lots,

Kerry Blue Terriers: Persephone & Buster's blog said...

hi maggie.. we are all neat and tidy....for mebbe a second...
i'll see if i can trick the hu-momm into taking some pics of our beeee u tee ful selves.
buster.....hey.. you like wentworths?? me too!~