Sunday, October 23, 2011

"He Took His Vorpel Sword in Hand, Longtime the Manxome Foe He Sought..." -- The Saga of the Leaf Monster, Part 36

And it came to pass that once more the vile and fearsome Leaf Dragon did make his cursed appearance within the realm of Sir Buster!

'Twas a creature of malevolent design and great cunning.

Sir Buster's faithful Squire, Mistress Gracie, had never before seen such evil.

Together, they worked on a strategic plan of attack!

Sir Buster rested a bit to focus his attention fully upon the task at hand, remembering the words of the Bard, "Now rested he by the tumtum tree, and stood awhile in thought!"

"One, two, one, two, and through and through, his vorpel blade went snickersnack.  He left it dead and with its head, he went galumphing back!"

To be continued, next year, same time, same place!

Your faithful Scribe,

Miss Bailey



Anonymous said...

What a great story! Can't wait to hear more :D


The Thuglets said...

So brave! Be careful!

We like the new look of your blog.

Big Nose Pokes
The THugletsx