Monday, June 20, 2011

My New Career as a Digger--by Gracie

My Uncle Buster has lately been spending hours telling me tales about the fabled Noah and his Clan of Diggers, down where they have to wear suction cups on their paws to avoid falling off the bottom of the planet.

I made up my mind that I WANT TO BECOME A DIGGER, just like Noah!

Uncle Buster described how he and Bailey learned the craft and spent many hours trying to tunnel to New South Wales! He was VERY proud of his work.

Just like the ANZAC Diggers of old, Uncle Buster and Bailey Blue trained day and night, focusing their energy, and dedicating their souls to the objective of reaching the Blue Mountains of the Antipodes!

With an appropriate sense of humility and dedication to the task at hand, I began my work!

Not bad, if I do say so myself!

Of course, I was caught red-handed by the feared Digger-Polizei! I promised I would NEVER confess!

The Digger Police lined me up against the Wall and asked me to say some last words.

Nice wall, don't 'cha think? It was actually constructed as a result of my recent training as a Digger!

It was my good fortune to escape before it became necessary to blather something like, "It is a far, far better thing that I do than I have ever done..."
But La Guillotine was not in my Karma.
I howled at the rabbit sitting in the front yard, and he returned a contemptuous stare.

Uncle Buster came to my rescue and escorted me inside.

We settled down for our evening Ear-Licking Ritual, and I dreamed of Australia.

Your faithful correspondent,


Digger, Second Class


Clive said...


A great report on your digging efforts! We're very impressed!

take care
Clive and Murray

ps-many thanks for your comments on our Bloomsday post!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

It does look like you are a great digger in the making, Gracie!

Cute video!

Asta said...

Dawling Gwacie
So close! I'm pwoud of you as I'm suwe youw unkel Bustew is..don't give up..Bustew, Pewsephone and Noah awe all faboolous wole models. I hope you get to Ostwalia befowe Noah and the gang fall off the edge, hehehe

as fow my post,
Buster the Hungry
Persephone the Gaunt
Bailey the Famished
Gracie the Gourmet

I am sending a chef Toot Sweet!!!!
smoochie kisses

Sue said...

Ah yes, our dear little cousin, I Bailey Portie champion digger, am very proud of your initial attempts. I produced a lovely hole large enough for two of us to hide while we continued increasing it's depth. But then the dreaded Digger Police came at night and filled in my masterpiece. I sympathize with you, but never confess.
Bailey and the rest of the Portie Pack