Monday, July 19, 2010

Terror in the Deep: The Siege of New Hampshire and Pond Warfare

Guten Morgen, Kameraden!
Kapitänleutnant Bailey, zu Ihren Diensten, mit einem Bericht von der Invasion von New Hampshire.

Admiral Buster recently declared Unrestricted Submarine Warfare upon the citizens of the People's Republic of New Hampshire as retribution for their regrettable habit of encouraging the existence of Labrador Retrievers and their failure to brake for moose.

The night fell upon Port Newell with eery anticipation as the convoys prepared to depart. The waterfront bustled with excitment.

Inspired by Wolfgang Petersen's classic opus on Wolfpack Tactics, Das Biber, Admiral zur See Buster von Blue studied the successes of the infamous rodent master-race. He was specifically interested in the tightly-coordinated attacks that had brought all shipping upon the Farmington River to a halt while spreading terror among the fly-fishermen.

It was thus that he decided to deploy his secret weapon--the most recent improvement upon the classic Type VIIc Unterseeboot design--Me!

After a brief shake-down cruise, I set off on my first operational patrol, heading Westward in search of targets.


I think this cutting edge piece of submersible technology is due for some time in dry-dock...

Now that's a little more like it! Maybe I'll become an anarchist. This business of Prussian Pond Militarism takes a lot of energy...


More later.

Your faithful correspondent,

Kapitänleutnant Bailey von Blue (retired)


Faya said...

Bonjour mes amis, Guten Tag !
C'est toujours aussi beau chez vous. Vous pêchez à la mouche ?
Bon appétit et gros bisous,
Faya & Dyos

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Furry nice pikhs!

Thanks fur filing this report!