Saturday, February 20, 2010

Persephone's Whereabouts Disclosed: I'm NOT lost.....

"Hello," to my public.... I, PERSEPHONE,Empress of Hades have heard through
the grape-vine of the blogosphere of the United Dogs of the World, that there have been a number of posts asking exactly where I am.
That my brother, theBUSTER, is posting information on this blog that could be construed, as MOI "not holding my end of the blog up".
Well, I'm right HERE!!! in blog-land.
Of course, I am laying here on MY couch -- enjoying MY day.
I am not lost, it is not "spring", I do not have to "wake up" yet!
You see, I have
this new
place ---->

Me and my human
sister have decided
to leave the chaos
of the family den,
and move to a
new, (well sorta)....
unchaotic (NOT!) space.

It was all her idea,
not mine....
said I would have my "own domain".

That I would have bunnies to chase!

Places to roam.
My own bed!!!!
My own
toys -- and I would not have to share them with
ANYONE, if I didn't want to.

<-------SEE there...a new RED-bed-of-many-bones -- a blankie, with my favorite snowmans. There is even a bunny wubba and another wubba f0r MOI to play with. Not to mention, my "PINKie" ball, and teensey-weensey mousie!

there I am.


Now where are those bunnies????

I've smelled them out and about
but, I have not seen them yet -- mebbe I need a haircut -- this hair is in my eyes.. mebbe
I need a full body make-over with a new coif.....maybe I could be a blonde! Uh.... oh geepers
I'm sounding like theBUSTER!


I'm not finished telling you about my happy stuff....
To get back to the story... my human sister came to the house and whisked me away ( with the humomm's permission of course).
The huMOMM said we deserve each other
that my sister needed my PROtection,
from the bunnies and whatever else is "out there".....

Day or night I am ever at the ready --
waiting to protect my gurlie.
The plumber has been to the house and the furnace people, and the people of cleanliness.
They came when the water heater "bit the dust" and some puff-back grungee grunge flew in the air... I needed a bath after that.
not to mention the contractor and the electrician...
It has been a busy month for me.
I, Persephone, Empress of the Underworld, as well as CEO of the Underworld,
have arranged EVERYTHING.
Have made all the appointments, met with all of the worker-people.....
Because -- I, ME, MOI am a new house owner
and that's just my job --
My gurlie just goes off to work and leaves me to "deal".
She said that to me... "just deal".... harumph.....!

See, here I am telling my gurlie to
wipe her feet when she comes in..
*please note the illusion of
her hand moving

These pictures were brought
to you by the
excellent --
suberb --
photographic expertise of
the huMOMM!

Speaking of the huMOMM, she said she misses me! But she sees me all of the time because we only live 13 minutes and 3 seconds away from her.....
so she visits with me and I go and visit at the old house.
When she comes
she PLAYS outdoors with me!
Sometimes she brings
Ms. Blue, my dog-momm with her.
I have not invited theBUSTER yet!
When the SNOWS came,
she came over to PLAY.

I waited at the gate-------------------------------->
to invite her into my new
yard... all fenced in so I can
chase the bunnies.

I have to "know" my yard, I walk around my new fence to make sure it's in good shape -- or I'll have to have to worker-men come back. Actually, not a bad idea -- then we can play with the machine that moves earth again.
Here is a short movie of me,
I'm testing out the snow
to making sure it doesn't swallow up my gurlie in the vortex I've left, after
my first go around, in the snow.

At the beginning of the week the snows came down pretty fast

I kept getting covered in snowflakes while I waited for the bunnies to come out
and play...... my gurlie said that all the bunnies were snuggled down in their hole to stay warm and it may be a good idea if we went inside to warm up before I became a frozen snow-dog.
Sounded like a plan so off we went to get warm and comfy in the little brick house.

I've decided I like my new "spot".....and my new red-bed-of-many-bones and my new chair, and my new couch.........

I guess I'll stay for a while and keep
tabs on my silly human sister.

For now a,


Persephone signing off....
I'm still HERE!



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Woo've hit The Mother Lode of YARDS!

I wish I khould zoom with woo!

Thanks fur the P-update!

Best of lukhk in the new domain!

PeeEssWoo: Good lukhk in reducing that time down from 13m3s!

Sue said...

So you have a new job, that's great. The benefits look pretty good, too.

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh my, we thought you were staying away from theBuster forever. So you're just visiting with your human sissie for just a bit right? You are going back???? Crikey, Buster would miss you.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Persephone and Buster said...

Ms.Persephone is a material kinda gurlie... we think she is much more into being the queen of the new house and yard then being part of theBUSTER'S gurlz... but time will tell. she does appear at home periodically and acts as if nothing has changed....until lys picks up her keys and she's right there by her side ready to go back to her red-bed-of-many-bones.... silly gurlie.
the huMOMM

Maggie and Mitch said...

OMG, you look thrilled to be an only furchild, Sephie! Where do I sign up for this! I want what you have!

Love ya lots