Friday, August 14, 2009

THE big DIG.....the adventure begins.

From the Diaries of BUSTERIGO:

So I, theBUSTER...aka Lucia's BUSTERIGO, was searching for a spot...THE SPOT, in which to dig.

"Remember Gallipoli!" will be our chant -- well hey, it's a bit out of our realm, but our buds in Australia will understand .... I hope.

I have it on good intelligence that Noah's gurlz (distinguished ANZACs, all) will be digging....and digging some more to meet up with us -- hey hey.. we can be theDOGZACS! ( no disrespect intended).
We have Ms.Persephone (she can see in the dark!),

& is known as the Goddess of the Underworld,
who will guide us through the nether regions
toward the Blue Mountains -- not in Virgina folks--
the ones down at the bottom of the earth...
on the other side...
you know ----> where they walk upside down...

We have my mostest Bellissimo LuciaHHHHH
of the cinnamon hair, with the dirt still fresh on her most lovable mush (she's been practicing),
to urge us on, and "dig dig dig!" is her motto!!!

She has such style, youth--such a digging form
on that longy-legged terrier!!! WhOOOoooO0ooo....
I'll follow her to the end of the earth! I s'pose that's Oz...---->

In addition, we also have our own Ms.Blue,
dressed for the cool under-world environment.
As the Mom of the Irish Blues, she will watch our back!
...just in case something weird is following us.
She is, after all, a STRONGDOG gurlie,
with a two-footed digging style
most would die for.
Her 29 lb. bod can drag a 25 lb. badger
from a hole in less then 3 minutes.....!
Proof to come.

We, the U.S. diggers, from this point on, will be known as "US".
We four--yup that's "4"--will dig until we meet our "4" buds in Australia (Noah, Willow,Tess & Lucy).... it may take some time, but we will get there! We're collecting "stuff" toys......
important "stuff"......anything we could possibly a bulldozer???

We are focused.... well sort of....
We are under control.... in a manner of speaking....
We are almost ready..... boy is that an understatement...

••first things first••

We're just looking for the right SPOT...
We've looked here,
We've looked there
We're just looking everywhere .... but still not finding the SPOT!

• YET •

Thankfully, Ms.Blue has decided to take it into her own paws.
She is busily (in between bouts of swimming) SEARCHING the landscape for the SPOT.

"I know I saw a hole somewhere out there......... it's got to be out there!"

AHAH!! Here is a possible SPOT !
It may be a big SPOT to begin... now looky at that.. hoooooooley mooooolie!
....Good old Mother Nature has assisted US! She has removed the tree for US to begin...

WhOOooooOOO00000000 is this our SPOT???
We must alllllll get together and PONDER...

how do we say "ponder" in Italian??
Are you making the tort-pup-ellini to pack for the DIG?

As of this moment, we are still searching for SPOTS
waiting for the right moment!

In the beginning... all was quiet, serene, and hot ------>
the 4 of US, are looking for a cooler SPOT, so we will dig...

From the DIARIES of,
.....stay tuned -- more to come.....

Ms. Blue, Ms.Persephone, Ms.LuciaHHHHHH,
Me, theBUSTER,
honorary DOGZACS



Sue said...

We can loan you Bailey. She's an excellent digger.

Clive said...

Love it!

Hope you find that SPOT soon!

lots of woofs

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh my goodness, this is very exciting. Now everything at this end is under control. I have given the girlz special exercises so they don't tire during the expedition after all we are Dogzacs and have a duty to fullfill. We too are looking for the pawfect place to begin the dig.
No doubt B will be most upset when he notices the massive hole in his garden but hey, life is full of upsetting moments.

See you somewhere in the underworld.

ps. when we meet up, which way do we go?????

with love, Madison said...

Madison prefers laying in the dirt to digging it. If you need a dirt pile supervisor (queen of the dirt hill?) she is IN!

Molly,Taffy and Monty said...

I am good digger! Do you want me to help you out? I could do the middle bit!!!!


Asta said...

Oh How I wish I could dig too..I know I'm supposed to know how(I AM an eawfdoggie aftew all),but sadly ( I know this is hawd to believe),gulp..I'm ashamed to admit it.....I have nevew dug in my life.
Pleez don't hold it against me. I will be cheawing all of you on..I hope Lucia helps you find the pawfect place..I know Pewsephone's eyes will help guide you and thank dog that Ms Blue has youw back. I cewtainly wouldn't want anything bad to happen on youw way to meet up wif noah and the giwls.(awe you going to be upside down ow will they? just wondewing)
let me know what happens
smoochie kisses
ASTA up ovew (thewe is and Asta down undew too)

bbes tribe said...

We do hope you all find the right spot soon. With the 4 of you working together it is a done thing. Good luck!!!
Ernie & Sasha
PS We like the pictures and the story