Monday, July 13, 2009

The Continuing Chronicles of Buster's Randomized Brain...

Hi, folks!

This is Ms. Bailey Blue, reporting to you from the lake....and also bringing you the SECOND Buster Random Narrative Competition.

The rules (we must have rules) are quite simple:

I will provide theBuster's somewhat lateral intelligence with a series of real photographs taken of events in which he actually participated in -- sometimes more then once or twice or even three times +.

The Astounding Busterizer will then take the keyboard <----don't ask, this is exploitation at it's best, but then the A.B. is also supposed to fashion a rational (well, maybe) narrative to describe the events portrayed !

Yes, folks, it's my favorite show: Buster's Got Talent!


Okay--Bozo, it's all yours!


Not now....I'm tired!
Can't you see I've had a huge day of playing with my Wilson and this is not what I, theBUSTER, want to do < ---reallllllly,
just look at my eyes, they're glazed over, almost in a catatonic state (that'll last for almost a whole minute (B.)).

I've smelled the flowers...

I've watched that silly dog next door "retrieve" constantly...
all day long --
kursplash!! kursplash!! kursplash!!
He needs scuba gear -- then I won't have to listen to ....

Now I'd just like to the know, have some down time in my life...
heavy sigh -- just look a that perfect ear set.....sigh.

Of course "you humans" seem to think down time is the time to terrorize the terrier...
geesh...what exactly are you doing to my BEEEE u T ful ears??

I've even watched the hummingbirds shoot the...I mean catch the moon in their teeeeeeensey weeensey

I've watched the beaver swim 10 feet in front of me...the nerve of this beaver...can't he see
that in the boat is the one and only ferocious BUSTERIGO (i miss my luciahhhhh!) waiting to nab him from the water
makea rug out of him?
Geesh, I really must be loosing my touch here.

That's it.. the last straw... I'm going to sleep and I'll wake up to do it all again tomorrow and then figure it out... whatever "it" is... ahhhhhhhhh...Tomorrow is another day.

G'night, Ms.Blue -- G'Persephone --
G'night E V E R Y O N E & E V E R Y D O G!!


Sue said...

What a great life for a dog. Excuse me, a handsome, amazingly intelligent
and talented dog.

bbes tribe said...

Hey there Buster - - Great job of narrating this blog. Persephone(?) did a wonderful job with the pictures. Looks like you live in a wonderful and exciting place.
Ernie & Sasha

Lucia said...

Ciao Kerry amici!

As you know, I, Lucia, simply adore the three of you to pieces, distraction, etc., but Busterigo, of course, is molto, molto special to me. I miss you too, il mio principe azzurro!!! (Awwwww... this makes me so sentimental...!!) And yes, you AND your ears are utterly enchanting; Signore Gainsborough surely had you in mind when he created his masterpiece!!

Now, as for that irritating Signore Beaver: I think you need to nab him by his flat, spatulate tail, Buster, and fling him out of your pond! The nerve of him to cross into the territorial waters of your own Sea of Tranquility!! Grrrrrr!!! (Santa vacca! I'm getting very upset here!!)

Well, anyway ... I hope you curl up and take a lovely nap, il mio dolce ragazzo. After all, as you and Scarlett say, tomorrow is another day ...

Tanti baci!

PeeEss: Big smoochies to Ms. Sephie and Ms. B-Blue!

Persephone and Buster said...

whooOOOOooooooo dolce luciaHHHHH you want me to make the beaver a "flying beaver"???? you must come and help with your longy legs we could banish him for at least another season!!
with much amore...your BUSTERIGO
pee ess... you can swim can't you???? gotta practice my flinging.. so you pratice you swimming.

Clive said...

Fabulous post - we loved looking at all the great photos and reading about your day! That beaver was great too!

lots of woofs

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Thank you for entering our "Stick out your tongue" contest. We are still working on meeting all of the contestants. We hope to choose a winner by the weekend and get all of the photos posted.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java