Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An Important Package Arrives!

PSSSST!! hey guys I hear the mailman!

He's brought us a package from Ricki! The International Exchange is here!! wHOoooooOOO0..

It's addressed to: theBUSTER, Persephone & Ms. Blue <--------------it's for us!! It's from Ricki the dachshund ! Now we have to wait.....until the momm comes home. So we waited and waited..... she was up at the lake... and ..... we waited..... ho hum.... waiting is borrrrrrrring.

We've been snuffing it....and circling it......

but we still have to wait.
We continue to circle it....and snuff it.....
but we still have to wait ------------------------------------->

Ho Hum... waiting is borrrrrring....

Ms. Blue has decided to take it
upon herself to

She's moving like the wind.....man check out the swiftness of her....the picture is blurred as her quick movements crack open the "treasure"...
our mom is the coolest curlie gurlie, she can open a package in no time
check it out....

THERE!! Like lots of "Stuff".........

Hey Buster there's neat "Stuff" -- Ricki sent softeee toys!!! and Balls and FOOD!!!

SEE!!! Come on guys.. let's check this out
just a bit closer!! There are paws and pink bones
for Persephone and a Blue bone for me!!

Leopard balls!! for theBUSTER to chase and
play "Buster Ball" with.......

wonder what else
box.....sephie....come on
you need to check this out!!!!

WOW! I got paws...paws and more paws....
and bones and "stuff"... thanks Ricki...YOU ROCK RICKI!!!

Here's all of our "Stuff" from the "Great GOOOOOODIE Exchange Box", from Ricki and the Pack.

We all want to say thank you 3X's to you all and also to your mom for sending us all of this loot..
we're having fun with everything and will be taking it back to the lake to play with there.
Ms. Blue, Ms. Persephone & theBuster <---------- say a big KERRY thank you to you!!!


Faya said...

Oh my friends what a great box of stuffies ! and balls ! Woooohooo for the goodies exchange !
I am so happy to see you again. I missed you sooooo much my dear Kerry Blue Terriers ....
J'espère que vous avez du bon temps au lac....
Bisous à tous, Faya

Maggie & Mitch said...

Whoa! You guys hit the jackpot! Ricki sent fabulous gifts! This goody exchange was the best idea ever!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch